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Blog update: “Volume 3!!!!”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/24 blog update, titled “Volume 3“:

It’s Maimi

This morning I ate a boxed-meal made by my mom

It’s probably because yesterday I said “Tonight, I started to crave rice, and when I bought a doria, it was gratin~” I think,

and actually, yesterday I had McDonald’s for breakfast

And then, by chance, I also had McDonald’s for lunch

But when I thought “As expected, I want to eat rice now…

I got gratin,

so I think that’s why my mom made me a boxed-meal

I ate it in the car on the way to the train station

In addition,
the meat rolls I love were included~

There were rolls with enoki,
and rolls with kidney beans

It was delicious

And then, changing the subject,
yesterday I recorded the narration for the solo DVD “a rainy day”

While filming, I expressed my emotions through my expressions and movements,

and in addition, we recorded the voice of my mind

“Ah~ It’s still raining…”

Things like that…

Though I was performing my own mind’s voice,

when I recorded while watching the clip, it was like being a voice actor

and it was really fun

And then, I have a feeling that the filming for volume 3 of the 3-month consecutive DVDs

will be something amazing

It’s like a first-time experiement

I’ve only just heard about it,

but “Oh, I’ll have to concentrate and work on on this

I thought

So that it’ll become a DVD that surprises everyone like “Ah
I will work hard

Well then,
today’s pictures are off-shots from “a rainy day”…

And then,
I think there’s already people who know,

but S/mileage’s Ogawa Saki-chan will graduate from Hello! Project this month.

It’s sudden, so I’m really surprised.

Since “From here I will return to being a normal girl!!” was Sakichi’s personal decision,

though it makes me feel lonely,
I hope she has a great new life with her characteristic smile.

I’m praying that Sakichi’s future sparkles wonderfully…☆

Maimi Sightings for 8/23

In an entry intended for 8/22 but posted a day later by ℃-ute’s staff, fellow ℃-ute member Nakajima Saki shared a 2-shot with Maimi in her entry on the official ℃-ute blog titled “Thanks for the hard work!” (picture 1). Then, over on her Ameba blog, Nacky again posted a 2-shot with Maimi in an entry titled “Maitotaimu!” (picture 2), and wrote that the two of them had appeared on RKB radio’s “Maitotaimu” program.

Full translations of the other members’ updates can be found at blog!project.

Blog update: “Whew”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/23 blog update, titled “Whew“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It looks like the hot days are returning today

The change in temperature is drastic, so everyone be sure to take care of yourselves please

Well well, yesterday
after practice for the play “Sengoku Jieitai”, Nacky and I travelled together to the next spot

“We have to transfer once~

we confirmed, but in spite of that,

the conversation flowed
“What was the name of that movie~

“Huh~ What was it~ I want to remember

and while we were talking, we passed by the station we were supposed to get off at…

“… Hey… Nacky… We missed it…

“… Really Let’s get off here at once

and the two of us got off the train

Then, we boarded the return train… That was the plan at least…

“Huh Nacky… This train doesn’t pass through that station…

“Ah You’re right Σ(゜д゜;)… It, it’s alright If we can transfer at ____ station … We’ll dash and transfer

and the second we got off the train we took off running

Though exhausted, we arrived safely

Even when travelling with Nacky, there’s times where I miss my stop~

Moreover, I was the first to notice we missed our stop and the mistake too~ (lol)

Well well, Nacky also has moments like that

At night, the two of us ate dinner together…

and it was really, really delicious

It was crispy pizza(*´∇`*)

We split it up and ate it together

This picture is Nacky before saying “Itadakimasu”


Now, though it’s raining, I wonder if it’s really going to become hot

It’s a little chilly right now, so I’m stumped as to what I should wear~

Well then, today I will go cheerfully

Everyone, be careful, and see you later

Blog update: “All the best”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/22 blog update, titled “All the best“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, we appeared at the the 24-Hour Television charity event at Nissan Stadium

A lot of people gathered in spite of the rain

I was really happy

The 9/7 release
“Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko”

“Meguru Koi no Kisetsu”

and “Campus Life ~Umaretekite Yokatta~”

were the 3 songs we sang

Though it was really cool outside, I was sweating in an instant…

There were a lot of people who stopped and watched from afar too

I wonder if we were able to deliver cheer to everyone

Each and every year, 24-Hour Television teaches me valuable things

Although various people are living various lives,

everyone combined their power and accomplished a single goal,

people lived on with all of their power for the ones they love,

there have been a lot of wonderful dramas this year, each and everyone one positive

Watching them gave me courage, hope, and spirit

When no one has any spirit, when they’re feeling down, I want to become someone who is able to cheer them up too

So that as many people as possible in the world’s smiles increase, I will work hard doing what I can I felt again

People’s warmth,
feelings of perseverance,
the joy of achieving something,

it was a day that I felt a lot of things

Everyone, let’s have a wonderful day today too

I hope that everyone has a happy day…

Maimi Sightings for 8/21

Fellow ℃-ute member Nakajima Saki shared a 2-shot with Maimi in an entry titled “℃-ute” on her Ameba blog.

In addition, ℃-ute members Suzuki Airi and Okai Chisato posted a series of pictures of the group from their appearance at the 24-Hour Television charity event today, in their blog updates titled “24-Hour (Airi)” (pictures 2-4) and “Love will save the worldChisato” (pictures 5 and 6).

Translations for the other members’ blog updates can be found at blog!project.

Blog update: “Fireworks”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/21 blog update, titled “Fireworks“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday I went with my parents to watch a big fireworks display

The road was jam-packed with people who came to see the fireworks

There were a lot of people walking around wearing yukatas,

and it made me feel like “Ah~ It’s summer

When we arrived, the rain had started drizzling,

so we parked the car, and watched from inside…

The multi-colored fireworks in the night sky… it was really beautiful

During the display, a young girl wearing a yukata and being carried on her father’s back passed by,

and muttered “Pretty~…” in a spellbound voice

The neighborhood boys said

“Whoa, it’s a heart Hey, mom, it’s a heart now Did you see it” in excitement

I also go and see fireworks with my family every year, so there’s been times like that before~ I thought

Though fireworks are gone in an instant, they are able to launch them through a lot of people’s cooperation…

The memory of seeing fireworks when young won’t fade thanks to people like that, and I’m moved to feel “Pretty~…” from the bottom of my heart…

Certainly those children will remember their memories from today after many years have passed too, I wonder

Ah Speaking of fireworks, it seems there’ll be a big fireworks display in Niigata on 9/10, ℃-ute Day

There they will launch a 121cm ball

I was told the news on the FM-PORT program “℃-ute Yajima Maimi’s I My My Maimi~”,

but before that, I saw the clip on TV and was blown away

The fireworks were bigger than I imagined, and really, really beautiful

When I think that they’ll launch those fireworks on ℃-ute Day this year, I’m really, really happy

I want to see the real thing with my own eyes someday~ I thought

And then, when we returned home, my brother who had gone travelling had returned and brought souveniers for the family

…and, this is what he gave me

(1) Tada Bath powders

I think I’ll use them at once when I return home today

Well well, today is the 24-Hour Television charity event at Nissan Stadium

Though it’s unfortunately raining today, I will sing and dance cheerfully

Now then, I’m off

Maimi Sightings for 8/20

Maimi’s ℃-ute co-member Okai Chisato posted a 2-shot of the two in her entry titled “Boys Chisato” on the official ℃-ute blog.

Full translations of the other members’ blog updates can be found at blog!project.

Blog update: “Zakkuri Senshi Piramekid”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/20 blog update, titled “Zakkuri Senshi Piramekid“:

It’s Maimi

Yesterday was

the “Zakkuri Senshi Piramekid” DVD release event

at Shibya Tower Records

In “Zakkuri Senshi Piramekid” I played the role of Momokawa Momoko

I wore Momoko’s clothes and carried her harisen for the first time in awhile

My hair has grown considerably since the time I played Momoko

A lot of little kids also came,

and there were some who brought their own hand-made harisen to play with

In addition, it was the first time I met with the MC,
Konno Asami-san, in long time

Before Konno-san became an announcer,

we participated in Hello! Project together…

Since becoming an announcer, this was the first time she worked with a Hello! Project member she said

I’m happy that I was able to meet Konno-san again

The event was over in the blink of an eye, and thank you to everyone who came in the rain

It had been awhile since I met with all of the Piramekid staff and costars,

and “It’d be nice if we could continue Piramekid again or do a movie

is what we talked about

It’d also be nice if I could play Momokawa Momoko again someday

Well well
Today I’m kicking back at home
My mom and dad are here too
It’s relaxing~

And then, tomorrow
℃-ute will perform at the 24-hour Television charity event being held at Nissan Stadium

Since it’s a light-hearted event that anyone can watch, I’m really happy

So that I can perform songs that will make everyone cheerful, I will tanobaru with ℃-ute power

If you have time, definitely come and hang out, please

Maimi Sightings for 8/19

Maimi’s Sengoku Jieitai Kikan-seyo costar Aoyama Ikuyo shared a 3-shot of Maimi with Berryz Koubou’s Kumai Yurina and Sudou Maasa from the play’s practice in her entry on the Kikan-seyo blog titled “Good morning☆“.

Blog update: “Yum~♪”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s fourth update on the Sengoku Jieitai Kikan-seyo blog, titled “Yum~♪“:

In charge today is Yajima Maimi☆

We had practice today~♪

The practices are going well(^-^)b

The next time everyone is here, we’ll rehearse the entire play…♪

My heart’s pounding and I’m excited!!

Because when I realize it, the performances are only a month away(・・;)

It feels like the practices began just the other day!!…

We’ll be doing the performances before we know it!!!!

For this reason, I will clear all the points I need to to improve while I can♪

I’ll do my best(^-^)

And then,
today Katsuno-san brought in this delicious, delicious bread…(*´∇`*)

Since they brought in a lot, I took 2 home with me(^-^)

Soft and fluffy bread with azuki beans is really really delicious♪

Well well, I must face towards the full run-through and go over a lot of things☆

Until next week’s update~(^^)/

“Piramekid” event photos

As she mentioned in her blog update, Maimi appeared at a release event for the “Zakkuri Senshi Piramekid” DVDs today (8/19). Entertainment websites Oricon and Mantan Web both covered the event, which saw Maimi reunite with former Hello! Project colleague Konno Asami, and included several photos from the event in their articles. More photos can be seen by following the links below.

Oricon article on “Piramekid” event
Mantan Web article on “Piramekid” event

Blog update: “Today”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/19 blog update, titled “Today“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It looks like it’ll rain today

Because of all the hot days, stepping outside into the cool weather made me feel HAPPY

Now, I have some information

The navigation DVD for the movie starring Berryz Koubou & ℃-ute that comes out in the winter, “Ousama Game”,

will be released on 11/3


It seems that if you watch this, you’ll be able to enjoy the contents of the movie

Definitely check it out, please

Well, today is
the DVD commemoration event for the “Piramekiino G” show I appeared in, “Zakkuri Senshi Piramekid”,

at Shibuya Tower Records

Appearing at the event is
Kajihara Zen-san
and me

And then, the person who will be MCing is

TV Tokyo announcer Konno Asami-san

Originally I participated together with Konno-san in Hello! Project activities,

so today is the first time we’ll meet in a really long time

I can’t wait

I’m a little nervous as to what kind of event it’ll be

But it’ll be good if I can enjoy it with all my power I feel

(2) A picture from the filming of “Zakkuri Senshi Piramekid” …my hair is still short

Ah That’s right, my 7-year-old “Sengoku Jieitai” costar

Shibamoto Rintaro-kun

told me “I saw you on Piramekiino“,

and remembered my character Momokawa Momoko

I’m glad~

Last is a picture from the practice hall…

(3) Chou a le creme snacks~

What the While I was typing this, it has started pouring rain outside

Everyone, watch your step, and let’s tanobaru all day today

Maimi Sightings for 8/18

Berryz Koubou member and Maimi’s Sengoku Jieitai Kikan-seyo costar Kumai Yurina uploaded a 2-shot of her and Maimi in her Sengoku Jieitai blog update “Good evening★“. The duo were enjoying some chou a la creme given to them by another one of their costars at practice for the play.

Full translations of the other members’ blog can be found at blog!project.

Maimi’s profile pictures updated

Maimi and the other members of ℃-ute have had their profile pictures on the official Hello! Project site updated to reflect the outfits for the upcoming single “Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko”.

Maimi’s Hello! Project profile

Blog update: “Such a day♪”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/18 blog update, titled “Such a day“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday ℃-ute got together for the first time in awhile


Everyone was really excited… (lol)

Which reminds me, when I realize it
the performances for the play “Sengoku Jieitai” are only one month away

Gradually the performances are approaching

There’s never been a time where everyone has been at practice, but when everyone is here,

we will do a complete rehearsal

Though my heart is pounding, I gotta do my best

Ah I’ve attached a picture from yesterday

I kneeled in the roasted green tea that Berryz Koubou’s Sudou Maasa-chan spilled, and my pants got soaked…

Though I washed it with water with all my might, and dried it with Kumai Yurina-chan’s dryer,

“Ugh… It smells like roasted green tea…” I said, and gave up

Maasa… don’t worry about it

In addition, I had some free time between practice and the next job,

so I went together with Nacky to eat shabu-shabu

I eat focused on the quail eggs…

Nacky eats focused on the salted cabbage…(lol)

Though of course, the two of us also eat a lot of meat

(2) Naki-san with a full stomach
“It… hurts…〓” she said (lol)

Alright With yesterday’s quail power, I will tanobaru all day today

Off I go