Blog update: “Filming finished~”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/31 blog update, titled “Filming finished~“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Finally, the filming for volume 3 of the 3-month serial release of solo DVDs…
has finished

Ah What a feeling of accomplishment

Volume 3
is the conclusion of this DVD release project,

and at any rate, it’s become something amazing

When I heard of the project,
“This filming will require a lot of fighting spirit…

I thought,

but “If I work hard though, it’ll absolutely become a wonderful thing

I also thought

The filming took more time than expected,

but to that extent, it became something that’ll make everyone say
“Ah” and surprise them, I feel

Before filming, I imagined the finished product,

and yesterday, I was shown a clip during a break in the filming, and already it had exceeded my imagination

What kind of filming it was…

I can’t say yet m(__)m

Though, in the future at ℃-ute’s YouTube channel, I think they will show some scenes from the filming,

so definitely look forward to it, please

And then today,
there was poster signing,
comment recording, and information session

for the new song “Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko”,
which is released on 9/7

All of ℃-ute was present

Now, last is today’s pictures…

(1) Oka-chan signing

(2) A 2-shot with Mai

Well then, I will tanobaru tomorrow too
Good night

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  1. god i can’t wait for the 3rd DVD preview!
    sounds so intriguing! 😀
    wonder what the theme is?! a sunny day? but something she hasn’t done before? what can it be?!

    • I’ve tried to come up with something too, but nothing comes to mind. Even with their various themes, the other 2 parts were still image DVDs at heart, so I don’t imagine part 3 being too radically different.

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