Blog update: “Settle down”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/30 blog update, titled “Settle down“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday’s bottle gourd talk…

“I put it in miso and eat it like cucumber…”

I wrote

“Mai, you don’t put it in miso and eat it What we put into miso is melon

my mom told me

Somehow or other, it seems I misunderstood

So, here’s a correction

We don’t eat bottle gourd in miso

I’m worried that I will cause everyone’s stomachs to hurt

I’m sorry

And then, today is
the recording for volume 3
of the 3-month serial release solo DVDs

Though I had a lesson yesterday,
I’ve been really impatient

Settle down

If I lose my cool, I don’t think I can make something good, so even if I make mistakes…
I will magnificently tanobaru

Changing the subject,
yesterday before work, I went with my mom to the bakery

Just being inside a bakery,
my heart dances lol

“Whoa This looks good

“Eh They have things like this

“Ah This is also nice~

I’ll say…

I’m really stumped and unable to choose

It’s a place that’s fun just to be in

In the end,
I bought coffee anpan,
soyflour fried bread,
and teriyaki bread

What’s that Just now,
“Hey hey, you ate too much
you said(・・;)

It’s okay
Since all of them were small

Well well, when I talk about food, I become hungry

I wonder what today’s breakfast is

Now then, today, I’ll settle down, and tanobaru

Ah… deja vu…

Today’s picture is everyone in ℃-ute
Lately, it seems like Oka-san isn’t feeling well though… Get well soon…

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  1. lol maybe Maimi-chan indeed put bottle gourd in her miso soup but got no reaction out of it cos she’s super woman!!lol

  2. Eh. Who’s Oka-san her mother or Okai-san?

  3. nakky calls chisa oka-san all the time to tease her! xD
    now they all use it!

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