Blog update: “Bottle gourd phobia”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/29 blog update, titled “Bottle gourd phobia“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The weather is so nice today~

It feels like summer\(^_^)/
But, if you notice, August is almost over


That’s right
the pre-order period for volume 2 of my 3-month consecutive solo DVD releases,

“a rainy day”,
ends today at 11:59PM

Those who say “I haven’t reserved it yet“,
definitely check it out, please

And then, today I will practice for the filming of volume 3 of those solo DVDs

My memory is bad
so I’m a little panicked…

But I’ll work hard so that it becomes a DVD that everyone can enjoy(^^ゞ

Changing the subject to yesterday’s suprising event…

First, I opened the refrigerator,
and there was this giant bottle gourd…(゜ロ゜)

This thing was taking up half of the vegetable shelf itself lol

Look look
Lined-up with Aroma it’s like this


When I was taking this picture,
the leaning bottle gourd fell down

In addition, the shocked Aroma developed a bottle gourd phobia


She won’t approach it


She walks around it

It looks like Aroma hates it, though bottle gourds are really, really delicious

My grandmother sends some every year,
and I put it in my miso soup like cucumbers
and with fried vegetables…

Sooner or later, this giant bottle gourd will also
disappear into our stomachs…

And then, there’s one more surprising thing…

My brother also broke his cell phone
is what happened…

My cell phone broke, and I just got a new one the day before yesterday,

and yesterday, when my brother returned home,
“I dropped my cell in the water…
he said,

and “How unexpected

I thought, and was a little surprised

so that your cell phone doesn’t break, please be careful

Well then, let’s tanobaru all day today

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  1. =.= broke a new phone huh ….. :p

  2. LOL!Maimi-chan’s brother dropped his cell phone in the water as well?looks like scatter-brainess is kinda prevailant in the Yajima household ;P it seems that this trait seems to run in the family after all xD

  3. maimi’s story about her dog and the bottle gourd is sweet! (^_^)
    and maimi, is it going ti be an iphone?! don’t follow the masses! 😀

    • For some reason, Maimi doesn’t strike me as the smartphone type…
      And someone in one of the Maimi threads in 2ch brought up the fact that if Maimi had gotten a smartphone, she’d probably be drawing/writing on her pics like Nacky and some of the other girls do.

      • no need to make another dig at maimi’s tennen-ness! ;P

        but yes, i somehow can’t imagine it. she seems to prefer the simple pleasures in life our maimi.

        • Haha, make no mistake, I didn’t mean it like she wasn’t smart enough for a “smartphone”! She just doesn’t seem that technically inclinded. Actually, let’s see if I can find that video…

          Damn, I can’t find it anymore. The video from last year of Maimi showing off her “Fix no E” app on an Android phone. I hope it’s not gone, because it has some rare Maimi English in it too…

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