Blog update: “The new”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/28 blog update, titled “The new“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Lately, the condition of Yaji’s cell phone
became bad…

I couldn’t send or receive texts, and there were various other inconveniences,

so I resolved to get a new phone…

It’s hard to use

But, I will type this update full of fighting spirit lol

Accidentally erasing this update midway
would be terrible

I must be cautious, cautious…

Yesterday, I went with the members of ℃-ute members on a field trip to the Buono! concert

Buono!’s concerts are really, really hot

Having a live band there is intense
With the live band, you can really get into the powerful singing

Buono! have a lot of uplifting songs, so each and every time I watch their concerts, I have a fun time

Of Buono!’s song, I particularly like
“Nakimushi Shounen”

This song, it’s really uplifting

I wrote in an earlier blog
the story of going to karaoke with my close friend during summer vacation

My close friend
sang ℃-ute’s
“Maasara Blue Jeans”

I wrote,
and I sang “Nakimushi Shounen”

While on the train too,
I often listen to Buono! songs

The concert this time is for the new album,

and there’s also a feature song
for everyone,

so I could feel all of the members’ charm again

I really respect Buono!…

It seems they’ll also be performing in Fukuoka,
so I hope that Buono!’s power can be spread over everyone in Fukuoka too

(1.2) Now, here are pictures from yesterday…

And then, this also finally started

Rehearsal for
the 9/3 B℃ST event “LIVE NEXT!”

This is an abbreviation for
“Berryz Koubou & ℃-ute Special Team”

The participating members are, from Berryz Koubou,
Shimizu Saki-chan,
Tokunaga Chinami-chan,
Kumai Yurina-chan,

and from ℃-ute,
and myself

Doing an event with these members is
really, really fresh

I’m really looking forward to finding out what kind of event it will become from here

Today is Maeda Yuki-san’s birthday

Recently I haven’t had a chance to meet her at all, but a little earlier I noticed her on TV, and “We used to stand on stage together in the past…” I felt deeply

Maeda-san, happy birthday

Well Anyhow, I was able to get this far without erasing the entry

I’m relieved

Well then, I will tanobaru today too

I’m off

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  1. lol I wonder what happened to Maimi-chan’s phone..I mean how come it started malfunctioning?perhaps it’s because she’s just simply too hot and her phone couldn’t withstand her heat?lol

  2. Maimi bring rain to damage her own phone.

  3. all this wild hypothesising about the Yaji-Mobby is silly… we all know it’s because of too much texting to airi (and me)! ;P

    but that first pic just noticed maimi’s hand on maimai’s shoulder ~♥ how adorable!

    • oh yeah sure ryu -.- as if Maimi even knows of your existence lol

    • Haha, that must be quite some conversation, as neither side can speak the other’s language.

      • says who?Maimi-chan can speak English(albeit English that isn’t really too good lol)

        • Says Maimi? We’ve never seen anything to make us believe otherwise either. The closest thing was her English line during the ℃-ute concert, which she later wrote she asked the staff to teach her.

      • huh?But I thought English is being taught in school in Japan??Even though Maimi-chan might not have gone to high school/college but she should have at least attended middle school/junior high right?so surely she should understand very basic English?

        • It is, but it’s not sufficient enough and very little is retained by the student unless they put forth a special effort (usually meaning extra courses outside of school). She might be able to understand very basic English, but it wouldn’t be nearly enough to carry on any sort of conversation. Even Mano-chan, who makes a special effort to use English on Twitter and who many would consider “good” at it, struggled during a simple conversation with a foreigner who appeared during her palm reading segment on Bijo Gaku this year. (I believe the conversation went something like, foreigner: “What’s your name?” Mano-chan: “Yes.”; And I want to make note I’m not knocking Mano-chan, just using her as a point of reference.) Probably the only H!P member that’d be able to communicate reasonably well in English would be Ai-chan.

          And just as a side-note, Maimi did indeed attend and complete high school.

      • oh right…thanks for enlightening,BG-sama.By the way,the Ai-chan you refer to here is Airi right?not the Ai-chan from MM?lol

  4. Why American food big size?

  5. junjun was pretty good at english. well at least she understood it pretty well in a vid i saw. aichan knows a little. but most will really struggle in conversation.
    maimi-chan i may learn a bit of japanese if you learn more english! then we can finally know enough to have a conversation! (^_^)~♥

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