Blog update: “Everyone assemble♪”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s fifth update on the Sengoku Jieitai Kikan-seyo blog, titled “Everyone assemble♪“:

It’s Maimi♪

Yesterday was the first practice where all of the performers were present(^-^)

The performance is getting close!!!!!!

It’s only 3 weeks awayΣ(゜д゜)

That’s fast☆

Now then, yesterday
we finally did a full rehearsal(*^ー^)ノ♪

The feeling of steadily advancing makes me happy,

and when we do a full rehearsal, I can clearly connect to the feelings of the earlier scenes,

so I can catch the flow of it all♪

Though Miya had another job,
and couldn’t participate in the rehearsals,

she was amazingly able to do the full rehearsal☆

On the bus over, she was always going over her script,

and I think that she had a lot of unease at being behind everyone in practice,

but since she can participate in practice from here on out too,

everyone will cooperate,
and it’ll be nice if we can make a wonderful play♪ I feel!!

For that Miya, a cake made a surprise appearance yesterday(^-^)b

On the 25th, Miya turned 19-years-old!!

We celebrated with eeeeeveryone☆★☆

Miya~, congratulations( ´∀`)/

These members are
“Sengoku Jieitai ~Female Self-Defense Force Kikan-seyo~”

We will do our best!! Whoa↑↑

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  1. almost time! yosh, tanobarou with all your might!!!

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