Maimi Sightings for 8/25

Fellow ℃-ute member Suzuki Airi shared a 2-shot with Maimi in her blog update “Today! (Airi)“, likely from the Hello! Project photoshoot she mentioned earlier in the entry.

Full translations of the other members’ entries can be found at blog!project.

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  1. Airi’s looking to lose a hand holding her lunch out in front of Maimi like that…

    • to lose her lunch more like ;P

      • Haha, well the idea is that Maimi would bite off Airi’s hand while trying to gobble up her lunch.

      • nah….I don’t think Maimi-chan would bite of Ai-chan’s hands….Maimi-chan loves her Osuzu-chan too much to do such a mean thing….though Maimi-chan wouldn’t say no to such a delicious looking lunch I’m sure(even if it belonged to her beloved Osuzu :P)…and besides,Maimi-chan ain’t a cannibal!!why would she bite off another human being’s hand?:O Maimi-chan is too gentle a creature to do such a thing!!

  2. oh YajiSuzu! ~♥

    but maimi your ninjitsu skills of camouflage are a little off… that cloth doesn’t really blend into the background!

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