Maimi joins special unit “B℃ST”

Maimi will take part in a special unit formed for the upcoming “LIVE NEXT!! Featuring Hello! Project” event on 9/3, called “B℃ST” (pronounced “bii kyuu es tii” and standing for “Berryz Koubou & ℃-ute Special Team”). Maimi is joined by Berryz Koubou members Shimizu Saki, Tokunaga Chinami, Kumai Yurina, and fellow ℃-ute member Nakajima Saki.

The October issue of B.L.T. magazine features a light-hearted interview with the members of the “mysterious unit” B℃ST (pictured above, courtesy of the fans at 2ch), where the girls try to figure out the reason they were put together, decide on who will be the leader of the group (Chinami gets elected), and try to come up with a concept for the unit (“a fumbling group”). Unfortunately, it seems as though for the time being B℃ST is a one-shot unit for “LIVE NEXT!!”, as B.L.T. describes them as a group formed just for that purpose.

More information on “LIVE NEXT!! Featuring Hello! Project” can be found at the official Hello! Project website.

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  1. lol so this unit will be a one off unit?it won’t continue after this event??and not that I hate/despise Chinami-chan or anything like that…but I wonder how come she got chosen to be the leader?I thought normally the leader is the oldest gal in the group?

    • There’s no indication that it will, though getting interviewed in B.L.T. where they decide all sorts of things for the group makes me think/hope otherwise, even if the same magazine says it’s only for the event…

      The leader is usually the oldest girl in the group, but there’ve been exceptions (Melon Kinenbi, v-u-den, ℃-ute originally). In this case, Captain picked Chinami because she wanted things to be light-hearted this time, and Maimi agreed since Chinami is always a “mood-maker”. Chinami accepted, saying that since there’s two other leaders in the group (Captain and Maimi), she’ll can just lean on them for assistance.

      • well C-ute was a little different though…the only reason why Maimi-chan became the leader was because Erika-chan didn’t want to be the leader…if not Erika-chan would’ve been leader by default right?

  2. well, i think chinami as leader would be fitting since she hasn’t been in that position before. though she gets nervous, it would be a good experience for her to develop her leadership.

    but either way, maimi in this group automatically makes it a win for me! really want to see them perform! they are a special group indeed.

    • Yeah, I do too. I guess we could appeal to Shuhei Miyachi to get it broadcast on USTREAM or YouTube, but it might be too late to get the ball rolling on that. Ideally, they’ll continue to have activities beyond “LIVE NEXT!!” that we can enjoy. (Send them to perform in the U.S.!!)

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