Blog update: “19♥Miya”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/25 blog update, titled “19Miya“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It seems like today will become another cool day


Well, today is
Berryz Koubou’s Natsuyaki Miyabi-chan’s birthday

Miya has turned 19 too

The same age

Though we’re appearing together in the play “Sengoku Jieitai”, she seems really busy because of the Buono! rehearsals and performances

But the day before yesterday, Miya came to the practice hall for the first time in awhile

Though she wasn’t able to participate until mid-way, I’m happy that we can practice with everyone now

It looks like she’ll be able to participate from here on out

Actually, we had practice and another job together yesterday too, and I was surprised at how fast she learned

She wasn’t able to appear much at practice, and though she said “I’m nervous, I’m nervous…”, Miya snapped to when it was time to perform… as expected

I really respect everyone in Buono!~

Miya is a really fashionable person, so girls of the same age group want to consult her about fashion… There’s probably a lot of girls who think that… I often think

Ah And, and, “SOME BOYS! TOUCH”, which Miya sang at an earlier Hello! Project concert,

was really, really sexy, and amazing~ I thought

In addition, Miya’s dancing is, how should I put it, smooth, flexible…

So cool… I’m often fascinated

There’s a lot of activities that we participate in together this year, so discovering various things about Berryz Koubou’s members every day is fun, and I get really motivated

Miya is also in her final teen years, so next year today she will turn 20-years-old

I hope she enjoys her last teens without regret

…and though I say that, I gotta spend my remaining days as a 19-year-old having fun without regret too, huh

I’ll also meet Miya today

So when I meet her, I want to tell her “Happy birthday” directly

Well then, I’m off

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  1. happy birthday Miya!!she does look a little like sako-chan(risako) now huh??hope she has a blast!!

    • It’s gonna be wild next year, when all of these H!P Kids finally hit 20, the legal drinking age in Japan. How I’d love to go to those parties!

      • well heck it’s already been a wild 2 years for me(legal drinking age here in 18)…..but yeah I agree…I’ll like to join in those parties they have next year yo…beautiful gals+alcohol=having a blast ;P

      • but then again….loads of H!P members have reached the age of 20 over the years but I don’t really hear about the wild parties though…unless H!P is doing some sort of cover up lol

  2. I saw current MM (Ai, Risa) on a tv show with Former Musume. The senpais has beer in front of them, but even though Ai passed 20 by that point, She still has orange juice in front of her. I think it more about image than age that prohibit them from drinking alcohol.

    But behind the scene? Don’t know.LoL.

    • Haha, orange juice. Thanks for the info, Tae.

      I think I can recall Sayu talking about drinking before in her blog, and someone (maybe Sayu?) mentioning that Risa tries to get the other girls drunk when they go out. It’s definitely something we’ll never witness, though, because of the image like you said.

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