Blog update: “Volume 3!!!!”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/24 blog update, titled “Volume 3“:

It’s Maimi

This morning I ate a boxed-meal made by my mom

It’s probably because yesterday I said “Tonight, I started to crave rice, and when I bought a doria, it was gratin~” I think,

and actually, yesterday I had McDonald’s for breakfast

And then, by chance, I also had McDonald’s for lunch

But when I thought “As expected, I want to eat rice now…

I got gratin,

so I think that’s why my mom made me a boxed-meal

I ate it in the car on the way to the train station

In addition,
the meat rolls I love were included~

There were rolls with enoki,
and rolls with kidney beans

It was delicious

And then, changing the subject,
yesterday I recorded the narration for the solo DVD “a rainy day”

While filming, I expressed my emotions through my expressions and movements,

and in addition, we recorded the voice of my mind

“Ah~ It’s still raining…”

Things like that…

Though I was performing my own mind’s voice,

when I recorded while watching the clip, it was like being a voice actor

and it was really fun

And then, I have a feeling that the filming for volume 3 of the 3-month consecutive DVDs

will be something amazing

It’s like a first-time experiement

I’ve only just heard about it,

but “Oh, I’ll have to concentrate and work on on this

I thought

So that it’ll become a DVD that surprises everyone like “Ah
I will work hard

Well then,
today’s pictures are off-shots from “a rainy day”…

And then,
I think there’s already people who know,

but S/mileage’s Ogawa Saki-chan will graduate from Hello! Project this month.

It’s sudden, so I’m really surprised.

Since “From here I will return to being a normal girl!!” was Sakichi’s personal decision,

though it makes me feel lonely,
I hope she has a great new life with her characteristic smile.

I’m praying that Sakichi’s future sparkles wonderfully…☆

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  1. well of course as a fan of H!P I guess I don’t really like to see graduations…but I guess since I never really supported s/milage I guess it wouldn’t bother me as much as say….if Maimi-chan graduated for instance…but all the best to saki-chan in her future endavours….

    and hey what do ya know?I really love rice too…why does Maimi-chan seem to like the things I like huh?lol….I guess great minds think alike 😉

    I wonder why Maimi-chan had MacDonald’s for both breakfast and lunch…that’s not really healthy…wonder if her Mom was too busy to prepare lunch for Maimi-chan?

  2. obviously the mcdonalds meals aren’t enough for our maimi… can’t imagine her being left happy after a “happy meal”…

    but what stunning pics. can’t wait for the DVD!

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