Blog update: “Whew”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/23 blog update, titled “Whew“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It looks like the hot days are returning today

The change in temperature is drastic, so everyone be sure to take care of yourselves please

Well well, yesterday
after practice for the play “Sengoku Jieitai”, Nacky and I travelled together to the next spot

“We have to transfer once~

we confirmed, but in spite of that,

the conversation flowed
“What was the name of that movie~

“Huh~ What was it~ I want to remember

and while we were talking, we passed by the station we were supposed to get off at…

“… Hey… Nacky… We missed it…

“… Really Let’s get off here at once

and the two of us got off the train

Then, we boarded the return train… That was the plan at least…

“Huh Nacky… This train doesn’t pass through that station…

“Ah You’re right Σ(゜д゜;)… It, it’s alright If we can transfer at ____ station … We’ll dash and transfer

and the second we got off the train we took off running

Though exhausted, we arrived safely

Even when travelling with Nacky, there’s times where I miss my stop~

Moreover, I was the first to notice we missed our stop and the mistake too~ (lol)

Well well, Nacky also has moments like that

At night, the two of us ate dinner together…

and it was really, really delicious

It was crispy pizza(*´∇`*)

We split it up and ate it together

This picture is Nacky before saying “Itadakimasu”


Now, though it’s raining, I wonder if it’s really going to become hot

It’s a little chilly right now, so I’m stumped as to what I should wear~

Well then, today I will go cheerfully

Everyone, be careful, and see you later

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  1. lol stop being such a bad influence on the people around you,Maimi-chan!fancy spreading your scatter-brainess to the people around you! ;P one scatter-brained Maimi-chan is enough we don’t need H!P to be filled with scatter-brained girls!!lols xD

  2. maimi has been waiting to say this about someone else for all the teasing she’s taken from the others as “the tennen one” of the group! xD
    you can imagine a little smile arising on maimi’s face as she wrote the sentence “Moreover, I was the first to notice we missed our stop and the mistake too~ (lol)” ;D

    but don’t worry maimi – it’s all part of your many charm points! 😉

  3. oops sorry about the double post

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