Blog update: “All the best”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/22 blog update, titled “All the best“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, we appeared at the the 24-Hour Television charity event at Nissan Stadium

A lot of people gathered in spite of the rain

I was really happy

The 9/7 release
“Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko”

“Meguru Koi no Kisetsu”

and “Campus Life ~Umaretekite Yokatta~”

were the 3 songs we sang

Though it was really cool outside, I was sweating in an instant…

There were a lot of people who stopped and watched from afar too

I wonder if we were able to deliver cheer to everyone

Each and every year, 24-Hour Television teaches me valuable things

Although various people are living various lives,

everyone combined their power and accomplished a single goal,

people lived on with all of their power for the ones they love,

there have been a lot of wonderful dramas this year, each and everyone one positive

Watching them gave me courage, hope, and spirit

When no one has any spirit, when they’re feeling down, I want to become someone who is able to cheer them up too

So that as many people as possible in the world’s smiles increase, I will work hard doing what I can I felt again

People’s warmth,
feelings of perseverance,
the joy of achieving something,

it was a day that I felt a lot of things

Everyone, let’s have a wonderful day today too

I hope that everyone has a happy day…

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  1. awww…Maimi-chan displaying her sweet side…it’s so heart warming

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