Blog update: “Fireworks”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/21 blog update, titled “Fireworks“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday I went with my parents to watch a big fireworks display

The road was jam-packed with people who came to see the fireworks

There were a lot of people walking around wearing yukatas,

and it made me feel like “Ah~ It’s summer

When we arrived, the rain had started drizzling,

so we parked the car, and watched from inside…

The multi-colored fireworks in the night sky… it was really beautiful

During the display, a young girl wearing a yukata and being carried on her father’s back passed by,

and muttered “Pretty~…” in a spellbound voice

The neighborhood boys said

“Whoa, it’s a heart Hey, mom, it’s a heart now Did you see it” in excitement

I also go and see fireworks with my family every year, so there’s been times like that before~ I thought

Though fireworks are gone in an instant, they are able to launch them through a lot of people’s cooperation…

The memory of seeing fireworks when young won’t fade thanks to people like that, and I’m moved to feel “Pretty~…” from the bottom of my heart…

Certainly those children will remember their memories from today after many years have passed too, I wonder

Ah Speaking of fireworks, it seems there’ll be a big fireworks display in Niigata on 9/10, ℃-ute Day

There they will launch a 121cm ball

I was told the news on the FM-PORT program “℃-ute Yajima Maimi’s I My My Maimi~”,

but before that, I saw the clip on TV and was blown away

The fireworks were bigger than I imagined, and really, really beautiful

When I think that they’ll launch those fireworks on ℃-ute Day this year, I’m really, really happy

I want to see the real thing with my own eyes someday~ I thought

And then, when we returned home, my brother who had gone travelling had returned and brought souveniers for the family

…and, this is what he gave me

(1) Tada Bath powders

I think I’ll use them at once when I return home today

Well well, today is the 24-Hour Television charity event at Nissan Stadium

Though it’s unfortunately raining today, I will sing and dance cheerfully

Now then, I’m off

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  1. heh I dunno why but Maimi seems to have a fascination with fire works…she seems to enjoy them like me…lol….

  2. once again maimi’s powers of perception are demonstrated here… so astute is our maimi-chan’s awareness of her surroundings and interest in people’s behaviours and actions that she could make a great detective! ¦)

    oh, of course the YajiSuzu pic is simply stunning! (♥_♥)

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