Blog update: “Zakkuri Senshi Piramekid”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/20 blog update, titled “Zakkuri Senshi Piramekid“:

It’s Maimi

Yesterday was

the “Zakkuri Senshi Piramekid” DVD release event

at Shibya Tower Records

In “Zakkuri Senshi Piramekid” I played the role of Momokawa Momoko

I wore Momoko’s clothes and carried her harisen for the first time in awhile

My hair has grown considerably since the time I played Momoko

A lot of little kids also came,

and there were some who brought their own hand-made harisen to play with

In addition, it was the first time I met with the MC,
Konno Asami-san, in long time

Before Konno-san became an announcer,

we participated in Hello! Project together…

Since becoming an announcer, this was the first time she worked with a Hello! Project member she said

I’m happy that I was able to meet Konno-san again

The event was over in the blink of an eye, and thank you to everyone who came in the rain

It had been awhile since I met with all of the Piramekid staff and costars,

and “It’d be nice if we could continue Piramekid again or do a movie

is what we talked about

It’d also be nice if I could play Momokawa Momoko again someday

Well well
Today I’m kicking back at home
My mom and dad are here too
It’s relaxing~

And then, tomorrow
℃-ute will perform at the 24-hour Television charity event being held at Nissan Stadium

Since it’s a light-hearted event that anyone can watch, I’m really happy

So that I can perform songs that will make everyone cheerful, I will tanobaru with ℃-ute power

If you have time, definitely come and hang out, please

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  1. Maimi-chan is “kicking back at home”?!?!what’s that to mean I wonder?does she mean she was relaxing at home??

  2. ah right…..but “kick back” kinda reminds me of bribes you know…as in receiving “kick backs”…not that I’m trying to suggest our dearest Maimi-chan would do such an illegal thing….but I kinda thought “sit back” might be a little more appropriate here but of course I don’t understand Japanese…so who am I to question BG’s(the wise sage) translation?

  3. my fave pic of the event is the one of maimi that she posted herself! wow!

    and yes, i would also love to see angry momoko with her holy fan/harisen again!

    and the charity event… yes anyone can watch but only if they can make their way to that stadium in japan… :/

    • Yeah, that’s a good one. It’s funny how different the character of Momoko looks just by adding long hair (but Maimi’s bright un-Momokoish smile probably has something to do with it too lol).

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