Blog update: “Today”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/19 blog update, titled “Today“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It looks like it’ll rain today

Because of all the hot days, stepping outside into the cool weather made me feel HAPPY

Now, I have some information

The navigation DVD for the movie starring Berryz Koubou & ℃-ute that comes out in the winter, “Ousama Game”,

will be released on 11/3


It seems that if you watch this, you’ll be able to enjoy the contents of the movie

Definitely check it out, please

Well, today is
the DVD commemoration event for the “Piramekiino G” show I appeared in, “Zakkuri Senshi Piramekid”,

at Shibuya Tower Records

Appearing at the event is
Kajihara Zen-san
and me

And then, the person who will be MCing is

TV Tokyo announcer Konno Asami-san

Originally I participated together with Konno-san in Hello! Project activities,

so today is the first time we’ll meet in a really long time

I can’t wait

I’m a little nervous as to what kind of event it’ll be

But it’ll be good if I can enjoy it with all my power I feel

(2) A picture from the filming of “Zakkuri Senshi Piramekid” …my hair is still short

Ah That’s right, my 7-year-old “Sengoku Jieitai” costar

Shibamoto Rintaro-kun

told me “I saw you on Piramekiino“,

and remembered my character Momokawa Momoko

I’m glad~

Last is a picture from the practice hall…

(3) Chou a le creme snacks~

What the While I was typing this, it has started pouring rain outside

Everyone, watch your step, and let’s tanobaru all day today

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  1. lol Maimi-chan is sooo fantastic she even has a 7 year old follower 😛

  2. those japanese kids are lucky as hell! ¬_¬ or they were… bring back piramekid!!!

    but great that maimi could reunite with the co-stars of the show and with konkon!

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