Blog update: “♥Family♥”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 7/30 blog update, titled “Family“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

I’m starving( ´△` ) lol

I’m going to eat breakfast now

Breakfast is essential for me, as expected


I ate
Thanks for the meal

I had bread and milk

When I don’t eat breakfast I start feeling bad

I firmly ate, so Yajima has been reborn

Ah Speaking of food, the Queema curry my mom made yesterday was the most delicious

Food eaten at home is nice~

After eating, I started talking about old times with my mom and brother…

There was a lot of stuff I didn’t personally remember (lol)

When I was young, it seems my oldest brother and I would fight, and then my other brought would try to break it up and start fighting with my oldest brother…

When my mom became angry and said

“Go outside already“, for some reason the three of us would unite, and we’d all go outside

I don’t remember that~

What are we doing…
But we were often scolded

Now it’s become a funny story Talking with my family makes me feel happy

Family is important

Now then, today in Osaka is the first Hello! Project concert in two weeks

Yesterday, when I watched a recording of the Nagoya performances from earlier, I became excited

I started to want to have a concert soon

So today I want to burst open and enjoy it with all my strength, and sweat a lot

℃-ute power full-throttle p(^-^)q

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  1. wheee a picture of 3 of my 6 angels…..nice….

    and Maimi really loves her food huh?total glutton 😛 and I wonder why she would fight her oldest brother though?she seems so gentle…but nice to know her other brother is so protective of our dear little Maimi-chan xD

    • Haha, I’m guessing you don’t have any siblings, Guest? Even the most docile of people fight with their siblings.

      • well I do as a matter of fact….In fact like Maimi-chan I have 2 older siblings 😛

        but still it’s kinda hard to imagine how such a gentle and docile girl like her would fight with the people around her…it just doesn’t really make sense to me…she’s the sort who would be getting the Nobel Peace Prize sort of person to me ya know xD

  2. lol C-ute Power full throttle! (^_~).V

    maimi with her brothers would inevitably be a bit of a tomboy as a child and adopt their interests. i’m sure that is partly why she’s such a legend at sports, though she’s naturally gifted too.

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