“a foggy doll” digest added to YouTube

The digest for Maimi’s 4th solo DVD and 2nd e-Hello! release, “a foggy doll”, has been added to the official ℃-ute YouTube channel. In the preview, Maimi wears a red and white outfit showing off her legs while performing the dance to the single “Kiss Me Aishiteru”. The description of the video clarifies the theme a little further, stating:

The image of dancing beautifully within the mist, coupled with the BGM, produces a fantastic world without deja vu.
Also, the packaged doll was given life and moved freely from the box, achieving perfect beauty with her quiet movements.
Costumes and situations never captured before, and the evolution of her expressions are a must-see!
In addition, an interview more in-depth than ever before was recorded.

The description also notes that the DVD will be available for pre-order starting today at 6:00PM JST on the recently relaunched e-LineUP! website.

Update (3:54AM): Video link changed to reflect the new URL after the original was taken down.

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  1. gosh shouldn’t they release this in winter instead?the hotness that Maimi-chan enimates will be just right to keep everybody warm from the cold weather!!

  2. her hair is really short again.. and its brown 😮 !!
    lets hope its a wig… :/

    but the dvd looks interesting though :p

    • It’s definitely a wig. But I wouldn’t mind if it was real… Maimi looks really great with brown hair too!

    • yes, it’s a wig. as evidence, the pic they posted a preview of the DVD a while back had maimi with her natural long black hair.

      i also prefer the natural black hair look, but any hair colour or style looks great on maimi TBH 😉

  3. I just wanted to point out some of the video’s tags too:

    legs beautiful fantasy fantastic gam

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