Blog update: “Moved (Maimi)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 7/18 blog update, titled “Moved(Maimi)“:

Nadeshiko JAPAN Number one in the world~


Yesterday (this morning), I properly watched the match in real time


it seems I fell asleep at the break before the second half…

I missed the crucial second half

When I woke up in the morning, “Huh

The match… is over… (._.)

When I realized that, I was shocked

That said, I immediately dove into the “Japan has become the world’s best” news

I was really happy

Yesterday’s events are being shown on TV again and again,

and I was moved by Japan’s “never give up” feeling

They lost the lead, they regained it, they lost it again, they regained it…

They clung on persistently… it’s really really cool

While I was sleeping soundly it became a close contest…

The final penalty kick competition… no matter how many times I watch it, it’s impressive

Team member Kaihori… she’s really a guardian deity

Everyone in Nadeshiko JAPAN, congratulations so so much

For giving Japan spirit
thank you

I’ve been moved since the morning

…and, my excitement is becoming somewhat strange,

but I have an announcement here

Starting tomorrow, orders for my solo DVD

“a foggy doll”

will be accepted on e-LineUP!

As early as tonight,
at the ℃-ute YouTube channel

you can watch part of it

I’ll be happy if a lot of people watch it

The title
“a foggy doll”

“foggy” has the meaning of a lot of mist gathering

Before filming
“The weather looks doubtful” I heard,

“Uh oh

I thought,

but on the day of the filming the fog was mystical, so on the contrary, it was good

I’m greateful to the weather

“Huh This is Yajima Maimi” I think there will probably be a lot of people like that, so definitely check it out please

Now then, can I change to yesterday’s story

Even though it’ll become long, is it okay

At yesterday’s Hello! Project concert in Nagoya,

Airi and I were in charge of the announcements before the start of the concert

(1) Here’s a picture from then

The performances in Nagoya ended yesterday,

and as expected, concerts… I love them

When I sing and dance and see everyone’s smiles, I become happy

In the two days at Nagoya there were four performances,
each time the songlist was different,

and no matter the performance, it was fresh, and there was a good feeling of nervousness, it was really fun

Then, a picture with Berryz Koubou’s Captain Shimizu Saki-chan yesterday too

(2) There were a lot of people backstage too, and it was really bustling

In addition, yesterday was my pet dog Aroma-chan’s birthday

Aroma turned 4-years-old

She’s soft, and her eyes are big and round, so even just her existence raises my spirits (lol)

Though earlier she rode in the car to see me off,

She put her chin on the back-support cushion, the present I gave my mom on Mother’s Day, and slept soundly

Aroma really loves cars The sensation of swaying is nice I guess

She always immediately falls asleep

Aroma~ Happy birthday

Stay cheerful

Now, I’m sorry this entry became long

While typing, “Reading this far is a problem“… I thought,

but there was a ton I wanted to write about…

Thank you for reading

Well then, let’s have a HAPPY day today

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  1. Read Chisa’s blog before, expect to see Maimi go extreamly glad like Chisa but…

    You fall asleep!?. Your work must be hard to leave you weak like that. Gambatte.

    • I’m sure part of it had to do with how hard she had worked at the concert over the weekends, but I also imagine it’s hard to stay awake watching soccer at 3AM… lol

  2. awww poor Maimi feeling so tired….hope she doesn’t wear herself out!!

  3. and oh…may I just congratulate Japan on achieving this wonderous feat….all the Japanese people deserve this special honour after what happened on that fateful day in March…god bless the Japanese people and may they always be healthy and happy….

    • Yeah, from what I read now, they were huge underdogs from the beginning and really worked hard for the win, which makes it an even more meaningful victory for Japan. I’m sure the thoughts of their countrymen is what helped them persevere.

  4. aww, maimi-chan. she must’ve worked so hard to have fallen asleep like that!

    such a long post from maimi as always! xD
    for penalty kicks, maimi is pretty hot stuff…

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