Blog update: “9-year anniversary”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/30 blog update, titled “9-year anniversary“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today, I woke up really really early

My family is still asleep, and it’s really quiet in my house…

While listening to the chirping of the song birds outside, I’m sitting on the sofa and typing up this blog

For us, today is a really important day

If it weren’t for this day 9 years ago, I’d probably be walking down a different road right now.

6/30/2002 is
the day the members of ℃-ute and Berryz Koubou passed the Hello! Project Kids audition,

and joined Hello! Project

When I think about it now, why a shy person like me who disliked going out in front of people thought to go to the audition, it’s really mysterious

My mother’s friend who knows me well, “Since Maimi seems like the type least likely do this kind of job, it’s a wonder” she often seems to say.

When I was small, going to see my brothers’ baseball games,

I’d draw pictures in the ground, and I’d intently place up pebbles in the lines,

I’d search for four-leaf cloves in a trance,

since I liked simple things like that, becoming someone who sings and dances on a large stage in front of a lot of people, I don’t think anyone would’ve imagined that.

When I occasionally meet my close friend, and I listen to them talk about their job and school,

“Maimi, if you didn’t have this job I wonder what you’d be doing now I wonder what kind of job you’d have

they often say
Certainly, if I didn’t think “I’ll go to the audition” on that day, I’d have a part-time job while going to college, and I’d probably pass the days like my close friends

Though I don’t know how many times there’ve been turning points in my life, 6/30/2002 is the biggest turning point up to now, I feel

Because that day came, I’ve been able to meet ℃-ute and the staff, and then all of the fans

Because that day came, I’ve been able to know the fun of singing and dancing and being in plays

Because that day came, I’ve been able to know the support of my family and lots of people

From when I was an elementary school student who couldn’t use keigo, I was taught a lot of manners and common sense, and I grew at a person,

during a painful time where I’d only make people angry at me and I couldn’t see the future, there was a moment where it seemed like I would quit,

though when I think about it now, all of that was necessary too

Because I thought, giving up, if I quit now, all the hard work, patience, troubles I gave my family, everything I did up until now, would’ve been all for nothing.

And then because I thought, above all, it would be inexcusable to those who supported me.

During the painful times, everyone’s support saved me time and time again.

No matter the life, there are always painful things and painful times, I feel.

Certainly, I think there’s also walls I will have to break down in the future too,

but I think that working hard is what saves me, so I want to continue to work hard no matter the situation

The experiences of these 9 years really are my treasure

From here, 10 years, 11 years, 12 years… more and more, I want to go and pile up a lot of experiences

Though I also wanted to write about yesterday’s solo event, this entry became too long, so I’ll write about it tomorrow

While eating, while getting ready, while doing various things I’ve typed this blog whenever there’s a spare moment, but it’s become this late
Already, it’s “Good afternoon” time, huh

For reading this far, thank you.
Please keep supporting me forever from here on

……Right now I’m on the train When I realized I had gotten on the wrong train, I had come to Tochigi

One-hour late…
Ahhh Get it together

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  1. the joys of reminiscing sometimes causes trouble to that person.. =))

    “Since Maimi-chan is the type who seems she wouldn’t do this kind of job, it’s mysterious“.
    its an amazing amazing mystery! she doesn’t seem that type but amazingly she managed and excelled in doing it .. ^_^ it just shows that she is a natural.. it was her ‘calling’.. 😀

    “if I didn’t think “I’ll go to the audition” on that day”
    if Maimi didn’t participated in that audition.. i would be living a dull life.. 😛

    • i echo what mmsuki says 😉
      not that i’m a lazyass (even though i am… worse than her), but because it is all very true!

      i just want to add a big THANK YOU to Maimi for her dedication and hard work over the years and for surviving and persevering through the many hardships she faced. she did it not only for her own pride, but for all the people around her. a truly selfless idol like her we hardly ever see, and one who places so much emphasis on hard-work that she has coined a phrase “tanobaru”, she really is one of a kind.

      and with that, Maimi-chan, please continue to Tanobaru for many more years to come! (^_~).V

      • hope all your words come true Ryu-san to Maimi-chan, i think with people like you maimi-chan could get her dreams so quickly… God bless Maimi-chan and people like you Ryu-san… huges&kisses to °C-ute^^

      • Yeah, sometimes we lose sight of how hard it must be behind-the-scenes (strict lessons, busy schedule, restrictions on her personal life), so we definitely owe Maimi our gratitude in addition to our support. And the fact that she takes all of those hardships in stride just goes to show that despite being called an “airhead”, she’s a real level-headed and mature individual.

    • She definitely is a natural. What a waste it would’ve been had she not gone to that audition!

  2. thanks B.G once again for translating maimi-chan’s post 🙂

    I think us Maimi-chan’s fans are just as glad that she went for the auditions and passed…I think the lives of so many people(not just hers,but her fans as well) would be so boring,dull and empty if she weren’t in our lives at all….

    I like listening to this song called “llegar a ti” which is a spanish song sung by Jaci Velasquez and if Maimi-chan know of my existence I’ll definitely quote part of the song to her “Sin ti, he vivido tanto tiempo sin sentir” and “Vuelvo a nacer,a vivir, se despiertan mil colores en mi ser por ti”…..

    ganbatte Maimi-chan and us fans will always be behind you!!!please continue to be in our lives and keep us all entertained!!long live Maimi!!

    • No problem. And yeah, we have as much reason to be thankful she went as she does. She’s really brought a lot of joy to a lot of peoples lives. Hopefully she won’t face as many difficult times from here on out, but if she does, she will have the support of more people than she can imagine!

  3. Just a heads-up to those who have already read it, I was really dissatisfied with the original draft (it was really late when I did it), so I re-wrote this entry to hopefully do more justice to the original entry.

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