Blog update: “All-day sports♥”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/29 blog update, titled “All-day sports

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday’s athletic meet
It finished safely without any injuries~

I got drenched in sweat under the blazing sun, but as expected moving my body is fun

Running in a schoolyard for the first time in awhile was really nostalgic, and it made me remember when I was a student

For the results, please check the magazine

“Hello! Channel” which goes on sale 7/12

Then, after the athletic meet was over yesterday,

I went to watch the Rakuten Eagles vs Softbank

This match was played in the Tokyo Dome

I have memories of going to the Tokyo Dome often to watch baseball matches with my family, so it was nostalgic

Unfortunately, the Rakuten Eagles who ℃-ute sang a cheer song for lost 6-2,

but I watched from really really good seats right behind the batter box,

and it was really fun

I was unable to watch it until the end,

but I said, “Ah I want to watch a little more” with Nacky

In addition, during breaks in the game they show the crowd on the screen,

and on the teleprompter
“Please wave your hands”

“Please make a macho pose”

it says

Everyone from the crowd who appeared did the various things the teleprompter instructed,

and suddenly I noticed
sitting in front of me, Morning Musume’s Michishige Sayumi-san appeared on the screen…

In the meantime the camera moved to show me

Furthermore, at that time the teleprompter said
“Please blow a kiss”

It was embarassing~

Because there were quite a bit of spectators at the Tokyo Dome

Amongst all that, it was a day of sports indulgence

And then today is finally Yajima Maimi’s solo event

Though I’m always always nervous for solo events,

everyone is intentionally gathering for my sake on a weekday,

so it’d be nice if I can show them a fun time I feel

For that, I will relax Deep breath

Alright I’ll have fun

I hope the event is a success I’m off

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  1. thanks for the translation B.G 😀

    wow the crowd were lucky to get Maimi-chan’s blown kiss 😛

  2. How cool would it be if Maimi read some of the comments on this site

    • yeah I think she’ll be pleased with the amount of love she’s getting here I’m sure 😛

    • Haha, I certainly wish she could see the amount of Western fans she has, and some of the warm comments people write. But first she’d have to know this place exists, and then she’d have to be able to understand English lol. So it seems like an impossible dream for now.

      • maybe, just maybe maimi may come across by chance or Maimilog gets pointed out to her by staff member… we can but dream!

        but what a lucky crowd at the baseball game! i would pay just to see that moment! and good luck for solo event maimi!

    • o.O i’m gonna have to watch out to what i write if that happens.. lol.. 😛
      so for now.. i am going to enjoy my freedom of YajiSuzu rabu rabu comments.. =))

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