Maimi Sightings for 6/28

Fellow ℃-ute member Nakajima Saki also participated in the athletic meet filming for the upcoming Hello! Channel that Maimi mentioned in her blog update today, and shared a pic of Maimi in an entry on her solo blog.

S/mileage staff was also on hand at the meet and tweeted a pic of Maimi and S/mileage leader Wada Ayaka lined-up and ready to race. Prior to that, S/mileage staff tweeted the temporary cover for “Hello! Channel vol. 5”, which features Maimi suited up with the other leaders of H!P.

After the sports meet wrapped, several members of H!P went to see a Rakuten Eagles baseball game, as evidenced in a series of posts on Morning Musume’s Michishige Sayumi‘s official blog. In one entry in particular, titled “Yajima-chan’s…“, Sayu shared a group shot and described what happened when Maimi appeared on the stadium’s big screen:

℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi-chan was shown on the big screen,

and blew a kiss.

the venue got extremely excited\(^ー^)/

Yajima-chan was too cute(´∀`)

Her blown kiss was firmly received (lol)

S/mileage’s Maeda Yuuka also commented on the happening in her official blog:

During the game? During a break?
Yajima-san appeared on the big screen

She was so cute so cute
that I felt like I was going to collapse

Full translations of the other Hello! Project members’ blogs can be found at blog!project.

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  1. I’m late again

    I was very pleased when I opened this blog…..

    thanks brother…..

  2. i’ve covered it elsewhere, but have to say maimi looks awesome in the sporty attire!
    the cover for the Hello! Channel 5 is great, but that pic… can’t wait! >_<
    and plenty of fangirling for our maimi! with yuukarin recently fangirling over airi too, is she a YajiSuzu fan?! :O

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