Blog update: “Run~!!”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/28 blog update, titled “Run~“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today is a clear forecast

For the first time about about 4 years, Yajima will be in an athletic meet

This athletic meet
will be published in
going on sale 7/12

“Hello! Channel vol. 5”

I wonder if I can move like I used to (lol)

Various members from all of the Hello! Project groups will gather,

and since there’s a lot of members who I haven’t run with before, my heart is pounding

But, when I think of running full-speed again after awhile, I’m excited

I also need a counter-plan against sunburn today

Under the blue sky, I will run and tanobaru

And then, today is Mai-chan’s solo event

Mai-chan fight~

The remaining ℃-ute solo events are just Mai-chan’s today, and mine tomorrow

Is there relief from the nervousness, everyone

Yesterday with Mai-chan, “Ah I’m nervous” we said

Let’s work hard

So that Mai-chan has great success, I want to send her my cheers while running

Changing the subject, this mochi is really really delicious

Earlier, Airi said “Presents” and gave them to the ℃-ute members

It was so delicious I was moved

“Eating them cooled is my recommendation

Airi said, so I had it cooled,

and it was really delicious

I’m grateful to Airi

Alright I’ll run

I’m off

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  1. Yay, Maimi in a sport event! wanna see s\miledge and 9th gen compete

  2. Hahaha here it was raining all day and i just have to say Maimi looks so hot in those pictures

  3. erm BG….right now I’m following you on twitter and directed a couple of tweets to you…now the problem is I locked my tweets so to speak and you aren’t following me…so can you still see my tweets if I direct them to you?

  4. YEY!!! running Maimi!!!! 😀 ♥♥
    OMG.. Maimi gots her ULTRA cute look on.. ^_____^ especially on the second pic.. 😀 it might be the effect of receiving something from her beloved.. 😛

    • Now that you mention it, I did notice a particular glow about her in those pictures… Whether it’s because of food, running, or Airi will have to be left up to our imaginations!

  5. GO GO GO MAIMI!!! (^_~).V ~♥

    long overdue… but with all the indulgences of good (and a lot of) food, and the fact that maimi hasn’t run in a race for at least a couple of years now, can maimi still whip all these other idols into shape?

    Dawa is also handy at running, so would give maimi some competition… S/mileage staff had tweeted a pic of the line-up of maimi vs dawa…!/Smileagestaff/status/85591512527806464
    Go Maimi!

    I hope it is long enough for maimi to pick up speed, as the start isn’t maimi’s strongest area. once in her stride, she should pull away. i do hope her training for Ran/Black Angels/Dance has meant she could at least perform to some of her potential having been away from the track for so long. as you can tell, i really really really want to see her do well; not so much for myself, but for her and non maimi fans who doubt her.

    • Yeah, while she hasn’t done serious running in awhile, I think she does enough still to keep her in competitive shape. I can’t wait to see the results, and am really looking forward to the DVD release of Hello! Channel vol.5 (with a name like “Channel”, why isn’t it a DVD release to begin with…)!

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