Blog update: “One-month reunion”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/27 blog update, titled “One-month reunion“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday’s ℃-ute concert in Hachioji was really exciting


Us after the concert
Sorry we’re drenched in sweat (lol)

The second half of the concert I was considerably tired, but if I become tired and reach my limit, I get fired up (lol)

It was certainly the perfect explosion

With toothpaste, when the contents ran out and nothing came out, squeezing tightly from the bottom, somehow or another the toothpase came out

is what it seemed like, and it felt like I mustered up the power

As expected, concerts are fun

I wonder if everyone who came had fun

Actually, yesterday those who took care of me in the play “Ran”,

the stage director Sakano-san

and co-stars Okabe-san and Mizuno-san came to see the concert

In addition
“When thinking of Maimi-chan, this comes to mind

…they said

and gave me these refreshments


Doesn’t it look delicious

Ahh They were really delicious

I’m happy

“Maimi-chan, since you made teru-teru bouzu during the performance of the play…”

they said, and gave me these things


A teru-teru bouzu hand towel, and a rabbit paper fan

It looks like I’ve completely established a “rain girl” image,

but this pattern is cute

It’s an important item when I sweat

I will use it carefully

That they specifically came to watch…

I was extremely happy

Thank you

Now then Today is Airi’s solo event

Since Airi practiced hard…

in hopes that it’ll be a success, I’m cheering for her

Well, Airi is a girl who can do it


Alright, today I also gotta work hard

I’m off cheerfully today

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  1. what a kind gesture and great to see maimi has made some long term friends from the stage plays and they seem to know our maimi pretty well! 😀
    maimi’s toothpaste analogy is pretty strange! xD

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