Maimi’s yakiniku date

This week’s “Haropuro TIME” (originally airing on 6/23) kicked off with Maimi arriving in Iidabashi with the camera for some all-you-can-eat yakiniku. Maimi mentioned that she ate yakiniku the last time she was on “Haropuro TIME” (the episode with “Ran”‘s rehearsal), and that she was going to this time as well. She wasn’t going by herself, however, as she invited Chisato and Mai who were waiting for her on a bridge.

The two girls claimed Maimi was late, and after Maimi gave them a proper introduction, she asked them about their fashion theme for the day. While Chisato explained it had a “rough” feeling and Maimi showed off her outfit for eating, the captions at the bottom of the screen kept asking Maimi to film all the members in the same shot.

As they headed to the restaraunt, all three of the girls mentioned that they hadn’t eaten lunch that day. Chisato said that she can’t eat much because she easily gains weight, but Maimi told her not to worry about that today. Mai and Chisato complained about how Maimi is able to eat as much as she wants and stays thin. The two then teased Maimi for her lack of skill in holding the camera, compared to how Nacky was able to do it in an earlier episode.

The girls arrived at the restaraunt “Itabashi Meat” and were led to their private room, where they then chose their meal course for the afternoon. After stocking up at the self-service salad bar, the girls returned to their room and pulled their hair back so it wouldn’t get in the way of eating. The waiter then brought in their meat selection, and Maimi commented that they’ll be able to eat a lot since they ordered the 2 hour course.

As Mai began to grill the meat, Maimi pointed out that Mai is always the one to do that, and Mai responded that she enjoys it. While enjoying the grilled meat, the conversation turned to what all of the girls were like when they auditioned. Mai was real small, Chisato was boyish with blonde hair (which Mai admired), Nacky was really shy, and Airi seemed like a princess. Maimi said that she was so nervous during the auditions that she doesn’t remember it, which then led to a clip of Maimi’s audition in 2002 where she sang Matsuura Aya’s “Momoiro Kataomoi”.

The three continued to order and cook more meat, and engaged in light conversation, such as what they wanted to do afterwards. At the 90 minute mark, the waiter returned to the room and asked them what they wanted for their last order, and the girls took the opportunity to order some dessert. As they had their dessert, they began to talk about S/mileage and it’s new member auditions, with Chisato saying that she can symphathize with their concern. Their waiter then comes in and lets them know their 2 hours have passed, and the girls head out while expressing concern that their faces will become pudgy to end their segment on this week’s “Haropuro TIME”.

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  1. wow….this seems very interesting….too bad I don’t know where or how I can watch it =(

    Oh by the way,B.G.,do you happen to have twitter?cos I just created my account like last night…If you do I’ll like to be able to follow you!I’m already following ryu 😛

    • You can usually find the episodes on YouTube (albeit for a limited time only, as TV-Tokyo likes to take that stuff down). Here’s part 1 of this week’s:

      You can easily find the other parts from there.

      And yeah, I’m @touchdownbg on Twitter.

  2. thanks B.G. 😀

  3. nice translations 😉
    maimi’s secret ploy to get maimai to do all the grilling whilst she gets to eat non-stop! xD

    young maimi is great to see! oh how maimi has grown, in every sense! she really has blossomed! (^_^)~♥

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