Blog update: “Shock!!”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/25 blog update, titled “Shock“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

After two months, the joint concert with S/mileage

Beginning yesterday there were changes made to the final part of the concert

and the enthusiasm in the venue was amazing, so I had a really really good feeling sweat

In spite of it being on a weekday, a lot of people came,

and there were also a lot of girls and children

Those who came,
those who supported us from afar,

thank you very much

This premium live started in April, and today is finally the last day

Though it seems like a really long time ago when I think about the rehearsals,

it feels like the time until now has passed in the blink of an eye, and as expected the final day is lonely

When I think about it now, since the rehearsal there’s been a lot of fresh things

I know S/mileage now more than ever,

the concert venue where S/mileage fans and ℃-ute fans mixed together,

the atmosphere has been different than a solo concert, all of those things are fresh, so it’s been really fun

The nine of us will stand on stage for the last time, and so that we don’t leave behind any regrets, I want to give my everything and get fired up with everyone

Changing the subject, after I returned home, I watched the recording of “Haropuro TIME”, which broadcast late at night on the 23rd

All of a sudden my audition clip from back then played, and I was surprised

Though I was watching by myself, I turned towards the screen and
“Eh Hold on a second

I said outloud without thinking

10-year-old me…

Side-stepping off-sync (lol)
Quiet voice (lol)

Dark-skinned, too skinny, and my height was short~

That that clip is still around…

It was shocking (sweat)

Alright Well, Yajima is off

Now then, I’ll have a good sweat

Have a wonderful weekend everyone…

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  1. “Side-stepping off-sync (lol)
    Quiet voice (lol)

    Dark-skinned, too skinny, and my height was short~”

    LOL……is that what our dear maimi-chan really thinks of her 10 year old self?I don’t think she is/has been dark skinned…but she certainly was kinda skinny…lols

  2. give it your best (not that you ever don’t!) for the final stint of the C&S tour!

    and maimi-chan’s reaction to her video was great to read about! xD
    you have grown so much in the time so far with H!P maimi! you can be very proud of yourself! (^_^).V

    • That little interlude with her audition clip really was a surprise and a nice treat, and hearing of Maimi’s big reaction to it makes it even better lol. Maimi’s appearances on these shows never disappoints!

  3. “Dark-skinned, too skinny, and my height was short~”
    it was quite obvious that she is the outdoors type of kid.. you can tell she likes playing outside.. 😀
    she is still skinny now.. which baffles a lot of her fellow ºC-ute members because they have seen her ‘EAT’.. lol…
    even back then.. she wasn’t one of the ‘short’ kids.. hahaha..

    • I beg to differ on that….Maimi-chan is shorter than me(even at this point in time) and anyone shorter than myself is considered short 😛

      hehe just kidding….maimi-chan is only a couple on inches shorter than myself….but I think I’m way heavier than her for sure….she’s like still so skinny!!! You wouldn’t have guessed she’s such a glutton judging by her “skinnyness”…lol xD

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