Maimi’s 4th solo DVD announced

In her blog update today (translated here), Maimi announced her 4th solo DVD, which is currently scheduled for an August release. Very few details about the DVD were revealed, but Maimi did write that the DVD has a “doll” theme, and that the outfits will be surprising to fans of Yajima Maimi (one outfit pictured left).

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  1. lol I wonder why maimi-chan thinks it’ll be surprising 0_0

    and this photo of hers looks absolutely gorgeous!

    • Haha, who knows with Maimi. There have been a lot of things in the past which she said were surprising or embarassing, which got everyone suspecting wild stuff, but turned out to be really tame. I’m still eager to find out, though.

  2. her manager tweeted another photo from the same shooting…

    you better be sitting when you click on it… truly stunning!!!

    • woah!!!!thanks for sharing that ryu….my eyes popped out of its sockets when I saw that….stunning is an understatement….absolutely gorgeous ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • Dang, as I scrolled down my eyes kept getting wider and wider. O_O

      And just as an aside, Shuhei Miyachi isn’t a C-ute manager. He’s just an UpFront staff member who works with internet stuff like YouTube, USTREAM, iTunes, e-Line UP. I can understand how people would think that, though, since he seems to be most closely associated with C-ute (or at least a particular member… lol).

      • thanks for the info… it’s the power of the ill-informed guiding the misinformed guiding the non-informed etc
        but yes, he might as well be a wota for a particular member… lol

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