Maimi Sightings for 6/24

UpFront staff member Shuhei Miyachi tweeted a picture of Maimi from yesterday’s DVD filming. In a follow-up tweet, he revealed that the DVD would be another e-Line UP release.

Maimi also appeared in a two-shot in Suzuki Airi‘s entry on the official ℃-ute blog

as well as Hagiwara Mai‘s entry.

Translations of the other members’ updates can be found at blog!project.

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  1. dies… that is one pretty picture.. and in HD.. x_x

    YajiSuzu.. YEY! 😛

    • Yeah it is, thanks to Ryu for the heads-up!

      And it feels like it’s been a real long time since Maimi and Airi have appeared in a two-shot together. It’s been all about Maimi and Mai lately!

      • you wouldn’t have missed it anyway 😛

        maimi and maimai sure have been together a lot lately. i guess airi’s a busy bod lately. but great to see them together again! ¦3

      • ‘oh yeah.. ryu.. he says he’s busy and all.. and yet he is one of the first ones who ‘reports’ on Maimi news.. hahaha..

        *gasp* does that mean you miss the YajiSuzu too?? lol.. :p

        • Haha, well, it certainly feels like something is missing without the usual Yajisuzu pictures (and the comments that they spark lol).

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