Blog update: “Report♪”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/24 blog update, titled “Report“:

It’s Maimi

It’s too hot

Even when doing nothing in my house, my sweat drips…

My pet dogs too
under the bed like this
they lie about


Snap out of it Aroma

…having said that, the doggies in our house were in a good mood though, because in the morning they ate chicken breast

I ate watermelon myself


Speaking of summer, watermelon
It was juicy and delicious

Changing the subject,
yesterday’s filming was a “doll” theme which I haven’t done until now

Actually, before the filming I was really nervous

Though, when I look back after it was over, I think it was really fun and a nice experience

“Hey Hold on What kind of filming is this

those of you thought…

The truth is, it was for my 4th DVD that will go on sale in August

Then, here I will show you one of the outfits


Even this costume, there hasn’t been anything like this in my DVDs before now

There were costumes more surprising than this one

Those who know Yajima Maimi will probably be a little surprised

I will wait excitedly for the finished product

The release date is far away, so I will give information again later

And then, today is the first ℃-ute and S/mileage joint concert in about a month~

Since it’s been a month, I’m a little nervous

The last part of the concert,
the contents have changed a little bit from the concerts a month ago

So that I can give everyone a wonderful time, I will tanobaru

Alright Well then, let’s go full of energy today

I won’t lose to the heat

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  1. a whole watermelon?! lol maimi ¦D
    and a NEW DVD?! no to e-Hello! please!
    but that pic is really… just “very beauty” 😉
    more surprising?! O.o looking forward to it!

    • Ah, my bad, I worded that poorly. It was more like “As for me, I ate watermelon” or “I, myself, ate watermelon”. Though it’s well within the realm of believability, she didn’t say that she ate the entire watermelon herself lol.

      • even then…..knowing what a glutton maimi-chan is,it wouldn’t have surprised me if she ate an entire watermelon by herself 😛

        lol just kidding xD

  2. i doubt its e-Hello.. since she already released one of those already.. >.<;; maybe its utb? or something.. LOL..

  3. ryu….it’s possible for them to heed your advice… your dreams that is xD heh

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