Blog update: “IN Osaka”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/23 blog update, titled “IN Osaka“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday was the shop event in Osaka

It was a short time, but we were able to talk about various things,

and then being near everyone who came,

it was really fun

Being able to meet all the fans on a weekday, I was happy

Since it was an event with a limited amount of participants, I think there was also a lot of people who couldn’t come,

but I’ll come to Osaka again for concerts and plays, so let’s definitely meet at that time, ok

And then, a surprise after the event

we appeared on
UpFront Kansai’s Miyazaki Rio-chan’s

“Miyazaki Rio’s USTREA-tan”

USTREAM program

She was quite surprised

It was the first time I’ve talked with Rio-chan

When she turned to the camera to read her lines,

her really cute voice caused my chest to tighten

It’d be nice if we can meet again

Everyone who watched too,

thank ya kindly

(Hehe I mastered the intonation at yesterday’s event)

It was a surprise, so I’m sorry I couldn’t announce it

Ah That’s right, yesterday was the first time I ate salt takoyaki, and it was really delicious

I’m looking forward to the day when I can go to Osaka again

And then, here is an announcement

The CD of the charity song for the great Tohoku Kantou earthquake relief

“Ai wa Katsu / Ganbarou Nippon Ai wa Katsu Singers”

was released yesterday

The proceeds from this CD will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross for the sake of the earthquake relief.

Everyone put their hearts into singing this song, and if it has the effect of creating courage and cheer in someone’s heart,

and the donations gathered from everyone give power to everyone in the affected area, it would be good

I hope it reaches as many people as possible…

Since that disaster, more than 3 months have passed,

and in those three months, the warmth of people unnoticed before was able to be felt a lot.

Because of that time, it was necessary for everyone to help each other,

though, it’d be nice if the future from here was a warm future where people supported people like they do now… I feel.

Now then, this entry has become long
Today I will go to a photoshoot

I hope everyone has a wonderful day…

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  1. “Thank ya kindly” in the original Japanese is “Ookini”, which is “thanks a lot” in the regional dialect of Southern Japan. To reflect the difference in dialect, I used a colloquialism from the American South.

  2. *salutes Sir B.G* thanks for another translation of our dear maimi-chan’s post Sir.

  3. nice post by maimi!
    and the appearance on the show was a surprise… a pleasant one but a surprise nonetheless

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