Maimi appears on “Miyazaki Rio’s USTREA-tan”

While in Osaka for their Hello! Shop event, Maimi and Chisato stopped by for an appearance on UpFront Kansai talent Miyazaki Rio’s USTREAM show, “Miyazaki Rio’s USTREA-tan”. Their appearance can be seen by jumping ahead to around the 39 minute mark.

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  1. it was a great watch! 😉
    maimi and chisa were on for a while and did more than sit there and look pretty (which i’ll add they did very well at!), they were set some challenges and were so funny
    maimi in particular was so adorable!
    check out some screen caps…

    • It’s a shame they didn’t give a heads-up on their appearance though, but like Maimi said in her most recent entry they couldn’t ruin the surprise I guess. At least they archived it for all of us who missed it to watch.

  2. LOL.. an appropriate reaction (squealing) when in the presence of the legendary Yajima.. xDD i can tell she was trying so hard to contain her giddiness.. ^^;;

    i have ALWAYS loved Maimi’s monologue on Tokaikko Junjou.. but doing it like that.. IT IS QUITE DEADLY! xDDD

    and they should have done Rika’s “Anata no.. anata no.. anata no, anata .. Ah gomenasai.. Anata dake no Ishikawa Rika desu.” LOL.. i’m pretty sure Chisa would have died in embarrassment.. but it would be awesome to watch.. 😀 Maimi would also have a hard time doing it.. xDDDD i’m just gonna have to imagine it.. 😛

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