Blog update: “I watched”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/22 blog update, titled “I watched“:

It’s Maimi

Today’s the summer solstice
It seems like today is the longest day of the year

And then this morning I ate cherries

It’s already cherry season

Now then, yesterday, I had a photoshoot for the Hello! Channel magazine together with Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan and Sudou Maasa-chan

Patissier experience episode 2

We gave our original roll cakes to Maasa to eat, and she judged them for us

It’ll be released in July, so definitely check it out please

By the way, I gave a roll cake I made to Chisato whose birthday was yesterday

“Delicious” she said

I’m glad

And then at night, I went and saw Chisato’s solo event

Ahhh It was exciting

And then, I also thought so when I went and saw Chisato’s solo live earlier

Chisato’s singing is really powerful and skillful… hearing it, I become cheerful

There was also a surprise, and Chisato’s reaction was really funny

I saw her sparkling smile and she seemed to be having fun, and “She had a lot of fun turning 17-years-old, didn’t she

I thought

When we spoke after it was over,

“I was nervous until yesterday though~ I’m relieved it ended without any problems” she said

I’m still nervous Chisato…

But when I watched yesterday’s event, my feeling of anticipation gradually became bigger

I’ll do my best

For now, thanks for your hard work on your finished solo events, Nacky and Chisato

Now, today I’ll also be together with Okai-chan

The two of us are going to a shop event in Osaka

I’m really excited
I want to talk a lot

Well then, have a wonderful day today

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  1. hahaha… Maimi must be pretty happy that its Cherry season.. 😀 i can see it now.. her blog entries full of cherry gushing.. LOL… xDD

    • she sure loves her cherries our maimi! ^_^
      Hello! Channel 5 looks great! maasa better choose maimi’s or i’ll cry foul play! xD
      at least chisa appreciates the swiss roll, hand-made by maimi… wow just the thought of it makes me jealous! >_<

      maimi genuinely loves each and every one of her fellow C-uties. so sweet! ~♥

      • I’m not big on sweets, but I’m still envious of anyone who gets to eat something handmade by Maimi. What a treat that must be…

    • As expected from the girl Yaguchi dubbed “Cherry-chan”!

  2. i’m late…..

    but I was very pleased when I saw the posting on this one …..

    maimi happy…. me too…..

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