Maimi Sightings for 6/21

Today Maimi met with Berryz Koubou’s “Captain” Shimizu Saki for another round of playing patissier for the next volume of Hello! Channel (to be released in July), as chronicled in a series of posts in Captain’s official blog.

Translations of Captain’s blog updates can be found at blog!project.

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  1. I leave a comment in a previous post,,,,,

    and there was already a new post …..

    thanks for Translate & post

    i’m sorry …

    my speak english bad

  2. i love seeing these two together!
    this time with a competitive element to it… would be great!

    maimi-chan cooking a swiss roll as the perfect housewife… dreamy!

    • I was a little disappointed that it was just a retread of their segment last time, but I’m sure it’ll still be really entertaining. After all, I never thought I’d enjoy a show about canned foods either… (And I just realized that three of the participants from that Bijo Gaku segment are also in this Hello! Channel segment lol)

      • lol well noticed!
        and you’re right…. even the most mundane and arduous sounding subjects automatically become awesome once you add the magic ingredient of maimi! xD
        they were being lazy for this Hello! Channel it seems… ¬_¬
        but as mentioned, as long as it’s maimi…

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