Blog update: “To Chisato♥ From Maimi”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/21 blog update, titled “To Chisato From Maimi“:

It’s become the 21st

Happy birthday

Already 17-years-old, huh

The night before last, for some reason or another, I wanted to watch the DVD of the play “Neruko wa ℃-ute”,

so I watched it during the night.

The play was our first,

and it was during the time when we had just released our 2nd single “Meguru Koi no Kisetsu” in 2007

Everyone, including myself, still looked very young, and Chisato looked like a boy

With spirit she laughed, and was innocent and mischevious…

In all these years she’s really become like an adult~ I felt again

Back then,

“Skirts are hard to wear Even in the winter, wearing sandals is nice“… she’d say

Now she’s a completely lovely big sister

She’s always as spirited and bright as she used to be though

That brightness gives spirit to those around her, I feel

Though she often writes in her personal blog,

there are also things about worry, confusion, and feeling down.

She herself often says “I’m too negative~

But that kind of feeling… if it’s born from your ambition, I feel it’s a really important thing

Earnestly facing that before you, as proof of working hard, I think you will feel down and find a lot of worry and confusion.

Something like a life without worries, it’s probably boring

Let’s continue to worry together, find solutions, and go and do our best as ℃-ute

Now, Chisato
continuing from Nacky yesterday, will have a solo event today

Having an event on your birthday… it’s the best

With a lot of people watching over her, she’ll become 17-years-old

I hope she has fun with all of her heart and has a wonderful birthday

If it’s Chisato, it’ll be alright

I hope Chisato’s 17th is full of happiness…


(1) Yesterday, I looked at an album in my house
Chisato was still young and looking like a boy

(2) Chisato with 2 days before turning 17 If you compare it to (1), she’s become an adult~

(3) Last is ℃-ute

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  1. happy birthday chisato!!!okay,admittedly i’m not as big a fan of chisato or mai-chan as compared to a fan of maimi-chan,airi-chan or nakki….but I think chisa is still quite a cutie…….hope you have a blast on your birday dear chisa!

  2. is that Maimi hugging ChisaMai?? 😀 that is sooo cute! it brings warm and fuzzy feeling just looking at it.. ^_^ its like a family picture.. 🙂

    the third pic is very very cute too.. ^__________^ Maimi is such an awesome caring leader.. xDD no wonder everyone is in love with her.. xDD

    • it is indeed! chisamai were so small, maimi was literally the responsible older sis… she was more than just a caring leader… she treated the younger members like her own sisters and loved them with her heart! you can tell it is all son genuine! one of my favourite chisamai and maimi moments is the beginning of this vid:

      so sweet! (^_~)

  3. This my first time say happy birthday to the cute member…….

    Happy birthday Chisa .. Wish U all best

  4. what a lovely entry by maimi to chisa. her words are always deep and she puts a lot of effort into writing. thanks for a great translation!

    maimi is right of course when it comes to being hard on yourself… constantly critically appraising and reflecting on one’s actions allows us to strive to better oneself. it also keeps our feet on the ground. i see it is one of the defining charateristics of maimi and part of the many reasons why i adore and am in awe of her. humbleness and earnestness are attributes i admire, but maimi (and chisa) please also be in the comforting shroud of contentment once in a while to enjoy your successes… we’re rooting for you! (^_~)~♥

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