℃-ute news for 6/21: Nakayoshi Battle Concert 2011

“Berryz Koubou & ℃-ute Nakayoshi Battle Concert Tour 2011 Fall” announced
Official H!P site officially announces revival of famous 2008 joint tour. Only two dates in late-October so far, but more likely to be added.

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  1. Finally! a reunuion of the H!P Kids in a joint concert! YAY! (^_^).V
    TBH would’ve preferred this to C&S…
    but it does mean no solo concert instead, which is ok but C-ute itself is awesome.

    been waiting for this… the previous one was great and some interesting team-ups anticipated! 😀

    • Yeah, I’m really hyped as well. It seems like it’s on a smaller scale than the original tour, but you can’t really go wrong with Berikyuu. Now let’s finally see the debut of “Smilies/Boke to Boke”!

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