Blog update: “Impressed”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/19 blog update, titled “Impressed“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday’s Yokosuka concert was really really exciting

At the first live in two weeks I sweat a lot, and thought “As expected, concerts are fun

Yesterday, the noon performance was broadcast on YouTube,

and I wonder if we were able to show those who came to the venue and those who watched the live broadcast a fun time…

After the performance, when I asked “About how many people watched“,

the total was about 90,000 people

That number surprised me

The concert was about two-hours, and a lot of people watched us on the ℃-ute channel during that time

Despite the time difference of those in foreign countries…

I’m really really grateful

We hope we will go to meet everyone.

I’m poor at English, but the staff taught me

I also said it at the live broadcast, but
“We’d like to go and meet everyone around the world someday

And then, when reading yesterday’s comments,

“I didn’t have the time” and “I couldn’t watch the live broadcast becuase of various circumstances

there were a lot of people that said that

But but, I am happy that they tried, and that support becomes our power too

Yesterday’s performance was also recorded for DVD, so when it goes on sale definitely check it out please

Moreover, at yesterday’s concert a moving thing happened

This was at the evening performance,

and everyone at the venue celebrated Chisato’s birthday on 6/21

During a song, all of the glowsticks in the audience became Chisato’s image color (green)

and it was so moving I got goose bumps

Happiness welled up inside me

I say… although it’s not my birthday

However, Chisato also appeared like she was going to cry, and was really delighted

All of the ℃-ute fans’ kindness wrapped the venue up in warmth

All of the wonderful fans are always always supporting ℃-ute like this…

I felt

I want Chisato to spend her remaining two 16-year-old days without regret,

and to have a wonderful year as 17-years-old

And then, speaking of birthdays
today, 6/19 is
Nakazawa Yuko-san’s birthday

She’s a really great person
As the leader of Morning Musume-san since it’s creation, she was strict at times, kind at times…

Able to think of what’s most necessary for the group I really respect that

For this reason, Morning Musume-san has become a “Morning Musume” that a lot of people love, and everyone knows…

We really don’t have the opportunity to meet, and the picture is a picture from quite some time ago, but she continues to be a senior that I always always respect

Happy birthday

Alright Today
Let’s go
to Osaka for the release event for the new song “Momoiro Sparkling”

Today I’ll tanobaru with all my power

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday too…

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  1. The parts in italics are parts which Maimi herself wrote in English. Keep it up, Maimi-chan!

  2. thanks B.G for taking time out of your busy schedule to translate maimi-chan’s post again 😀

    damn,,,,,there was another concert right after the one that was broadcasted at 15:00 JST?shoot!!!they should also have broadcasted that 😥

    and oh…I wonder why maimi-chan is so surprised that so many people were watching the concert(on Youtube or otherwise)…I mean the members of C-ute just have this charisma….a kind of beauty that just attracts many people just as flowers would attract bees and butterflies….

    • No problem!, though I’m not really so busy lol. As for Maimi’s surprise, she’s a humble girl to begin with, and to be honest 90k is a pretty shocking number. I don’t know that any of their USTREAM broadcasts every broke 10k, though that’s only the peak amount of viewers at any time, where it seems the 90k number is the total number of accesses (much like a normal YouTube video’s view count).

  3. when Maimi finished her english speech during the live.. the other members were pretty impressed.. lol.. they were all like ‘leader?!’.. nyahaha.. awesome!

    the 90,000 surprised me too.. because when they did live Ustream.. the most that they got was around 7 or 8,000.. o.O sooo.. yeah.. the figures are definitely surprising even for us fans.. a very LOVELY surprise.. ^_^

    and i really LOVE how Maimi always, always mentions an H!P (former or current – that are still under contract with UFA) member’s birthday and say something wonderful about her.. 😀

    • they were saying “Leader?!”, “Leader I love you!”… awesome indeed! ¦D

      90K was i assume the cumulative total… i want to know what the peak number of viewers was… i’m sure it’s still much more than USTREAM broadcast though. but 90K… that is impressive! well done C-ute!

      maimi’s words for birthday members of C-ute are always so lovely and moving! she really sees them as her family (except her osuzu, who’s her lover ;P )

      and maimi is so tall and elegant compared to some of the idols… especially the previous generations! but great words for her senpai! Happy Birthday!

      • It’s too bad the evening show was the one they recorded for the DVD, as I’d be great to relive that moment (though I’m sure it’ll make it’s way to YouTube at some point).

    • It was really impressive. She had quite a mouthful to say for someone who doesn’t regularly study English, and it was a great moment for us Western fans to hear her say that much in English. I’m really glad she put forth the effort to learn that. (Instead of just saying something like “Maimi happy YAY!!” lol)

  4. well…with the beauty,charm and charisma that C-ute possesses,it’s not hard to see why so many are attracted to them…..

  5. Yesterday i had a karate grading and was in a massive amount of pain when i got home and when i got on my computure and saw the concert was broadcasting i just couldnt help but be like YEEEEEEEES it was such an amazing concert and i hope to see one live one day thanks Maimi as well as all the C-ute members for being such amazing performers

  6. I just happen to go to the official C-ute blog and when I saw the 2nd picture in Airi-chan’s post I was like 0.0

    Airi-chan is soooo mean…..fancy taking such an unglam picture of Nakki when Nakki wasn’t even aware of it >.< But then again…I wonder why Nakki even gave Airi-chan such an opportunity though….

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