Blog update: “Please watch♥”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/18 blog update, titled “Please watch“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Recently, I’ve started eating only Chinese food…

I wonder why

The night before last, my mom made Chinese fried rice, and thought I ate it,

at lunch yesterday, I wanted to eat Chinese fried rice again, and went to a Chinese restaraunt…

The Chinese dumplings were also delicious

And then this morning’s breakfast was chilled Chinese noodles…

Ahhh Chinese food is delicious

Now, today there’s a ℃-ute concert in Yokosuka

It’s the first live in 2 weeks
I want to enjoy it with all my might

Here’s some news

Today’s performance at 15:00

will be broadcast on the ℃-ute channel on YouTube

Those who live far away
and those who can’t come to the venue because they have other responsibilities

Those who know of ℃-ute, but haven’t yet come to a concert…

definitely check it out please

When I think “People all over the world can watch it“, I’m really happy

Furthermore, a concert broadcasting from Japan It’s the first one is the talk…

Yay ℃-ute is the first (lol)

In addition, there’s also a DVD recording

Today’s concert will become a DVD…

While typing out this blog, I’ve steadily gained a fighting spirit

Today I’ll go all out
I will go with all my power at full-throttle

In the hopes that this concert becomes one that grabs ahold of many people’s hearts, ℃-ute will do its best

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  1. Thanks B.G. yet again for another tanslation of maimi-chan’s post 😀 you’re doing a fantastic job here and us fellow C-ute fans hope you would continue for a long long time more!!

    And as a chinese,I’m rather happy that Maimi-chan loves chinese food… 😀

    • Thanks for the comment. It’s my pleasure, as always!

      I know of quite a few Maimi fans with a Chinese background, and I expected that they’d enjoy this news. It’s just too bad there’s no real “American” food for Maimi to become infatuated with…

      • well darn…’re kinda smart B.G. being an american it must have been kinda hard learning Japanese…but yet you still can understand it…I take my hat off to ya,Sir B.G.

      • indeed! i only wish i can cook chinese food for maimi (well, of decent quality anyway!). i really should since my parents own a chinese restaurant and i’ve helped out since my teens, albeit as a waiter. (^_~);;

        and isn’t SPAM “real American food”? it’s what you guys eat all the time across the pond is it not?! 😛 (stereotyping/borderline racist! xD )

        • lol Is that what you guys think? I don’t think SPAM is that popular in the states, outside of Hawaii (where it’s like a staple food). When I was growing up, it always had a bad reputation, and I’ve never actually tried it myself. (Something called “Specially Prepared Assorted Meats” doesn’t really sound that appetizing to me lol)

      • of course it’s not! but i couldn’t resist as maimi does like her SPAM and it iIS an American food after all. i thought it stood for spiced ham? no?
        i rarely have it… except when i made those SPAM-don.

        • Oh wow, you’re right. I guess that “Specially Prepared Assorted Meat” thing was just a made up acronym as part of it’s negative reputation.

  2. and oh btw…ain’t trying to insinuate(spelling?) here…but today’s the 18 of June not the 17 as indicated here 😛

    • Haha, whoops, thanks for pointing that out. That’s actually an error I make nearly every time (since I’ll glance at the calendar in the corner of the screen for the date and it’ll still be the day before), but I usually catch it while proofreading. I’ll fix that now.

  3. ahhh darn i’m typing so fast I just realised I missed out the word “anything” between the words “insinuate” and “here”….ooops…lol…so it’s ok B.G…you ain’t the only one making mistakes heh 😛

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