Blog update: “Solo event”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/17 blog update, titled “Solo event“:

It’s Maimi

for the first time in awhile I went shopping by myself for a mother’s day present and a present for Chisato’s birthday

On the way back, my shoe slipped while in a crowd of people and I fell down with all my might

It was embarassing

I wasn’t injured though

Ah By the way, the mother’s day present I wrote about in a previous blog,

after a long time I got a cushion that prevents backache while driving, and two books

There were a variety of cushions, so I was really confused as to what was good

Since my mom often drives me around, it’d be nice if it’s effective

Now, changing the subject, yesterday Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan had a solo event

We mailed each other the day before yesterday, and she seemed really nervous

“I’m cheering for you, so remember that before the performance

I said, and

“Ok Wearing the necklace that Maimi gave me, I’ll do my best

she said to me

How happy

I also have a solo event on the 29th, and every time I have a solo event I’m definitely nervous

I’ll work hard so that it’ll become a fun event

Well well, today let’s tanobaru


Today is Tsuji Nozomi-san’s birthday

Recently we haven’t had the chance to meet,

but last year she appeared with ℃-ute at a live radio broadcast

Tsuji-san, happy birthday

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  1. awwwww our dearest maimi-chan is sooooo thoughtful and so sweeeeeet getting her mother a cushion to prevent back-aches ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    but whoa!!the Yajima household is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY RICH!!!the property prices in Tokyo are notoriously high and car park spaces are scarce so owning a car in Tokyo would be rather expensive!!And to be able to live in such a mansion and own a car in Tokyo….wow……

    On a side note, I noticed Nakki has been posting some rather kawaii pictures of herself lately both on her personal blog and on the official C-ute blog…makes me feel like scratching her behind the ears or tickling her under the chin 😛 hehe

    • Don’t forget her 3 purebred dogs, as those are also ridiculously expensive in Japan (though she got one for free, lol).

      • technically she got 2 for free 😛

        but she gave one away to saki-chan(the one from berryz koubo I mean)right?

        • There’s Aroma and Kurumi (Captain’s dog) which you mentioned, but Cologne also had two other puppies that fans know of which were given to Tokunaga Chinami and Maimi’s cousin H!P Egg member Takeuchi Akari.

  2. ohhhhh……..that means that maimi-chan had 6 little “kids” at one time but gave 3 away cos she probably can’t handle that many boisterous little ones eh? 😛 and oh…I watched the video on Youtube….the one the maimi-chan took of her and her dogs….darn they are real cute…..and they were like licking her at some points in the video…lucky little dogs…I’ll do anything to be able to lick maimi-chan 😛 hehe just kidding

  3. a practical present for mrs yajima… i approve of your present maimi!
    and the exchange between chii and maimi… lovely to see such a friendship in spite of their different paths (well similar but not together).

    BTW, maimi’s own solo event… i was shocked to see a ticket to front row at her event go for the equivalent of over 1000 USD at Yahoo! auctions via 2ch! O_O
    at least they get their money’s worth though!

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