Maimi to appear on “Haropuro TIME” (6/23)

According to the preview at the end of this week’s episode of H!P’s weekly program “Haropuro TIME”, next week will again feature Maimi as the camerawoman as she goes on a date with fellow ℃-ute members Mai and Chisato to have all-you-can-eat yakiniku (grilled meat). The episode will air on 6/23 at 1:00AM JST.

Screencap courtesy of the fans at 2ch.

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  1. now i have a reason to watch HaroPro time again.. lol.. been a while.. 😛

    • I liked last week’s, with the (extremely) short tidbits from Mano’s photobook photoshoot and Maasa and Risako’s trip to Akihabara to get outfitted in cosplay (which continued this week with them going to a maid cafe).

      • i just checked out those previous episode.. the last episode i watched was actually that of Sayumi cooking and the one where Miya was the camera(wo)man.. unless it was the same episode?.. lol.. i forgot.. >.<;; anyway.. the cosplay with Risako and Maasa was pretty funny and entertaining.. especially when they went to that maid cafe.. i don't think i will survive going in to that kind of cafe.. lol.. and Mano-chan looked stunning in her tidbit of a video.. xDD next week, she will show part of making of her My Days for you PV right?.. i am looking forward to that as well!.. i love that song.. ^_^

        now that i am all caught up with the previous episodes of HaroPro Time.. BRING ON Maimi!! 😀 ❤

  2. the last i watched was… the last maimi was in… (^_~);;
    but this is GREAT NEWS! 😀
    can’t believe maimi is on again! thank you for showcasing our maimi… the world can’t get enough of her! 😉

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