Blog update: “Red bean paste roll”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/16 blog update, titled “Red bean paste roll“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday I went and had monja with my dad and mom for the first time in awhile

Monja’s delicious


I ordered walleye pollack monja and

mix monja
(with pork, sakura shrimp, and squid in it) and

walleye pollack, tuna, and cheese monja

And, there was a surprising dessert

The people next to us
ordered fruit monja,

and ate ice cream and fruit while it was cooking on the iron plate

I wonder what kind of taste it had

Though I was interested in that,

red bean paste roll
I ordered

My love for red bean paste is unbearable O(≧▽≦)O

Placing the red bean paste on top of the batter like this…

wrapped up, and then cut into an easy-to-eat size…

This batter is springy

Is it komeko
Is it shiratamako

The way to make it seems easy, so I’d like to become able to make it

“My stomach’s full” my mom said, and didn’t eat another bite,

but my dad seemed to really really like it

Together with myself
“You really can’t eat It’s delicious

we encouraged my mom

When I have monja next time
I’ll also order and try fruit monja

Well then, let’s tanobaru today

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  1. wow maimi-chan must have been rather free to be able to have such an early post today!!

    • Her posts have usually been early in the morning over the last couple of months. She seems to usually update before she has to leave the house for work or whatever she’s doing that day.

  2. and oh….it’s another post about food yet again….I really envy maimi-chan…her wonderful genes allow her to be a glutton yet she still remains kinda slim

  3. Something I wanted to add after the entry posted but ended up going to sleep instead…

    “Monja” is a type of batter fried on an iron plate which you can add a variety of ingredients to, similar to “okonomiyaki” if you’ve ever heard of that.

    In addition, “komeko” is a rice-based flour, and “shiratamako” is… a rice-based flour. I didn’t know how to distinguish the difference between the two, so I left them in their original Japanese.

  4. maimi chan likes to eat

    But I would still love him ……..

    Thanks For Posting……
    continue with post

  5. “But I would still love him ……..”!?!?!?!

    Maimi-chan is a GIRL and NOT a GUY!!!

  6. the passion with which maimi describes her food, especially desserts, shows how into her food she is! xD

    and i see where she got her appetite from… clearly it’s her father’s side!
    i too find her insatiable appetite an adorable feature of our maimi! (^_^)

    “the batter is springy” made me lol… just like maimi’s cheeks i’m sure…
    (i’m talking about the cheeks on her face BTW! ¬_¬ )

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