℃-ute news for 6/16: ℃ Fest 2011 goods

“℃ Fest 2011 Early Summer ~℃-Nacchau no you Solo LIVE!~” goods list
Goods for the fanclub-only events include photosets (Maimi’s solo photoset pictured below) and t-shirts (also pictured below).

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  1. Maimi naturally looks beautiful in her goods… but what the hell is up with that face on her shirt?!!!

  2. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! i want it all.. TT.TT
    i seriously want that set.. and that shirt.. and that person… :p lol.. xDD one of the best Maimi set i have ever seen.. 😀 <33333333333

    • I don’t know if I could ever enjoy that set with Maimi’s shirt constantly looking at me…

    • me too! what a lovely… girl! the outfit on her matches pretty well too! ;P
      but i agree with B.G. in that the face is a little off-putting (though not enough to put me off acquiring such a set should the opportunity fall in my favour

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