Blog update: “Our home’s comforts”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/15 blog update, titled “Our home’s comforts“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

This is sudden, but in our home there are lots of soothing things


Our home’s decorative plants…

…my mom loves things like this, so she often buys them

and the greenery in our house is really comforting

And then, these red flowers…
Yesterday, my mom put the bouquet I was given in the vase

Next, here’s the picture you can see above…


When I took the picture with a camera
it reflected a little bit

This picture comforts me a lot

Though it’s a painting, it’s like a picture,
and the image of children playing baseball with all their might while wearing big helmets

and the sky and the distant mountains…

all of it is soothing

Though there are other paintings that I like

This painting might be my number 1 favorite

Though it has always decorated our house, it’s a wonder
Whenever I see it, I’m comforted

Now, today I finally decided on a Mother’s Day gift

This late… I’ll go and buy it

On a related note, I’ve already decided on a Father’s Day present

Well well, until tomorrow’s update~

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  1. If maimi-chan needs any more comforting I could always sing the following songs to her 😛

    My singing is horrible though hehe…

  2. oops

    that’s the 2nd video

  3. that picture must bring back some happy memories to maimi of when she was a schoolkid playing baseball, giving her all and enjoying herself to the fullest with a carefree attitude! how she has grown and matured.

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