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Blog update: “Curtain raising”

Here’s the translation of Maimi’s 5/23 blog update, titled “Curtain raising“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Finally, the curtains were raised

The play “Ran -2011 New version!!-”

I’m relieved that we were able to have the opening day without problem

Still, it also rained during this year’s “Ran”

Since the weather was nice in the morning, I completely forgot to make a teru-teru bouzu… Oops

In those bad conditions, many people came to the theater

Thank you very much

Though I was quite nervous before the performance, I received e-mails from all the members of ℃-ute, and then from the members of Berryz Koubou too

“Congratulations on opening day & good luck” they said, and I was really happy

On the blog also, there were lots of comments of support and on people’s thoughts… Thank you

Yesterday, my mom made my lunch

And inside were the American cherries that I love

…if I remember correctly, I also ate cherries on the opening day of “Ran” last year~

And then yesterday, I had too much fighting spirit, and I arrived at the theater early,

the only two people (people) in the dressing room were me and a black roach

When I was trying to do my make-up, it appeared before my eyes and I instinctively screamed

I panicked and leapt out of the dressing room

At once I got somebody to exterminate the roach,

but afterwards I was still alone in the dressing room so it was very scary

“Isn’t anyone coming~” I thought

I felt like there was still some roaches there, and I searched the surrounding area more than necessary

After a short while, Sugimoto Yumi-san who has the same dressing room as me came, so I became reassured…

All told, it was a noisy morning yesterday

Well The roach also came to cheer…( ̄▽ ̄;)

Now, today I will also stand on the stage with fighting spirit

So that I can perform better than ever before, I’m heading out with all of my power

Today’s picture is a two-shot with Mai taken several days earlier

Maimi’s practice appetite

Maimi returned to Hello! Project’s new weekly television series “HaroPuro! TIME” this past week, this time taking the camera with her to the practice for her currently-running play “Ran -2011 New version!!-“. After arriving at the training room, Maimi changed into her practice outfit, explaining that it’s easy to move around in during the sword battle rehearsals. Then, as the practice starts, Maimi hands the camera over to her manager.

Maimi is then shown going over her lines in her head before she goes through her first scene in front of the rest of the cast. In the scene shown, Maimi has to perform four roles by herself: a brat with a natural perm, a brat with a high voice, a heavy-set brat, and finally the role of Ran. While drinking some water during a break, she explained that as she uses a voice that she normally doesn’t use, it affects her throat. Maimi added that she thinks she needs to study how her co-stars use their voice, and then the clip jumps ahead to her intently watching her co-stars’ practice.

For the next part of Maimi’s segment, Maimi stepped outside for her lunch break and commented on how good the wind felt. She went to a nearby shop for lunch, where she started her meal by grilling some tongue and beef ribs. When asked by her manager how her first experience eating tongue is, Maimi said she wasn’t bothered by it at all. Maimi and her manager then talked about what the other girls were doing, with her manager revealing that they were currently in Odaiba (also filming for a HaroPuro! TIME segment which aired on the same episode). That caused Maimi to relate that she loves riding on roller coasters, but she hasn’t ridden on one in awhile. However, when the manager told her that they’d also be going to a haunted house, Maimi wasn’t as interested. After the meal, Maimi said that she was full and revealed that she had eaten 8 fatty tuna sushi, drank 2 glasses of oolong tea, and didn’t know how much meat she had eaten.

The last part of Maimi’s segment for the episode included footage of the practice for the 50 person sword battle from the play, and it was revealed that the practice that day had gone on for 7 hours.

Blog update: “♥Wonderful day♥”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/22 blog update, titled “Wonderful day“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

At last

From today until the 29th,

the play “Ran -2011 New version!!-”

is at Kichijouji’s Zenshinza theater

And thus, today is the opening day

Me… I’m uneasy and can’t calm down

This production created by
the script-writer and director Hata-san,
and then everyone in the large cast and staff,

finally the day has come when people can see it

With everyone, I want to make it a play that grabs ahold of the audience’s hearts…

And then, as “Ran”, I will stand on the stage with all my power

Alright I’m full of fighting spirit

And now, here is a picture I took yesterday…

(1) The only co-star younger than me

Hirayama Misaki-san

Our age difference is one year, and I’m able to talk a lot with her

Now, today the 22nd of May is…

Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan’s birthday

It’s a really special day

Chii’s also 19-years-old

The same age as me

Aaaaaalways with me since I was 10-years-old, Chii

The first person I ever talked to in Hello! Project was Chii

Since that time she’s always been an important presence in my life

And then, from here on she’ll continue to always be an important presence in my life

19-years-old too, best wishes Chii

(2) A picture taken last year with Chii

Also, speaking of birthdays
yesterday was
“Ran” co-stars Matsushita Osamu-san and
Fujisawa Taigo-san’s birthday

After the dress rehearsal (the final rehearsal) was the surprise cake appearance

This is that cake


Isn’t it surprising
It’s big size(^^)/

I wonder if it’s about 30×60

It was eaten up by everyone in the blink of an eye

Matsushita-san, Fujisawa-san,
happy birthday

I hope “Ran” will be a big success

I hope Chii has a wonderful birthday

I hope everyone has a happy day today…

Well then, off I go

Blog update: “Congratulations”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/21 blog update, titled “Congratulations“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It’s finally tomorrow

The play “Ran -2011 New version!!-”

At yesterday’s rehearsal

the moment that the music in the theater stopped playing,

and the audience seating and stage went completely black

my nervousness from the first performance last year came back

…I mean, all the plays up to now, my nervousness always peaks at that point

It feels like the feeling like your heart is floating when on a roller coaster

Today’s dress rehearsal is the final

Except for the point that there’s no audience, the rehearsal is everything that will be in the actual performance

so I’m already nervous

But but, since after the first showing had concluded, I always wanted to do another performance

so that won’t be any regrets left,
everything I’ve learned from the first practice for the first showing up until now, I want it all to come out

Alright I’ll do my best
With all my heart

The realization of another showing,
last year a lot of people came to the theater,

it’s thanks to all the people who supported us

Thank you very much

I’m happy if as many people as possible come see “Ran” this year

And then, here is some big news

I was also surprised

My senior
Yaguchi Mari-san, is getting married to Nakamura Masaya-san

Really really, congratulations

From here on too, I hope you’re aaaaaalways aaaaaalways happy

Hearing wonderful news in the morning is a HAPPY feeling

Everyone have a wonderful day too…

Blog update: “Happy♥”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/20 blog update, titled Happy“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The sun’s rays are strong f(^^;

Now, Sarafine For my sake please work hard

The people who are wondering that, definitely check yesterday’s blog

Speaking of which, yesterday
when I was about to arrive at the meeting place, I looked at my watch

and I noticed that I had made a mistake, and it was one hour before the meeting time

Well, I arrived an hour early
since I made that mistake, it’s totally better than being late…

Before I left the house yesterday
“Though I have to leave in 3 minutes I’ll play one time

and I played the piano

“I could’ve played more” I felt slightly down (lol)

…or rather, yesterday morning I wasn’t lucky at all… (sweat)

In the middle of eating breakfast, I dropped the side dish on the floor, and when I reached out to pick it up,

I fell out of my chair

My brother laughed at the stupid way I fell,
and even I started to laugh

My mom,

“Huh, you surprised us Come here Look, they’re surprised and trembling

She was worried about the pet dogs


Though, today is different

Some time ago, Nacky sent me this picture


“They’re orchids~ They came vividly, so I thought I’d send it to Yaji Practice FIGHT

…I’m happy
Thank you

Furthermore, Nacky is too good at taking pictures

I’ve uploaded a picture taken yesterday with Nacky


Well then, I’m off to “Ran”‘s rehearsal
I’ll work hard

Maimi Sightings for 5/19

In Hagiwara Mai’s 5/19 blog updated, titled “One Piece“, Mai wrote that she saw Maimi for the first time in awhile during a photoshoot for goods for the Hello! Project summer tour, and shared three two-shots of the two of them together.

Blog update: “Amazing product”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/19 blog update, titled “Amazing product“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday was the farewell to “Ran”‘s training room

It’s a place where I’ve sweat a lot…
Thanks for your kindness

At last, the performance is 3 days away

We also had a full run-through yesterday, and I was nervous during each of my scenes

So that I can perform Ran proudly proudly, I want to challenge myself to have self-confidence at the performance

Which reminds me, earlier my co-star Sugimoto Yumi-san

“Sarafine is nice~ Me, I don’t sweat at all

she recommended to me

Sarafine is
clothing made from a cool feeling material
you don’t sweat easily
and it absorbs the sweat
and it’s easy to dry the sweat

Certainly it’s the ideal product for sweaty me

…I’m grateful to Sugimoto-san who casually recommended it

Without delay, after yesterday’s practice I went with my mom to buy a Sarafine t-shirt

The instant I picked it up with my hands I was surprised

The material felt cool,

and smooth silky …( ̄▽ ̄;)

I don’t know what’s a good expression for it, but at any rate,

“This seems like it’ll absorb sweat” I thought after only touching it

From here it’ll gradually get hotter, and it will become the season where I sweat just from walking

so Sarafine seems like it’ll be useful

For that reason I went shopping for the first time in awhile

I also bought Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan’s birthday present

Chii turns 19-years-old in 3 more days

Before I knew it, it was time for the store to close, and I haven’t been able to buy a present for Mother’s Day…

My mom said “It’s fine Next time“… but if I don’t buy it quickly

“Is there something you want
I asked her
“Hmmm…” she had trouble thinking, so I’m having trouble as to what I should give her

What kind of thing is good

Now, today I will meet with the ℃-ute members

Today’s picture is from when we had a concert in Niigata

Well then, today I will tanobaru

Blog update: “School nurse”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/18 blog update, titled “School nurse“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The weather is nice today~

Furthermore, today’s breakfast was
something I love

My mom woke me up,
and while I was still sleepy I went down the stairs

and on top of the table was cooled shabu-shabu and boiled flounder…

My eyes lit up at once (lol)

While eating I muttered
“Delicious” countless times…

My mom, “Mai, do you know any words other than Delicious” she laughed

Speaking of which, I’m the kind of person who eats with all their might in the morning

When I was a mischevious elementary school student, I often fell down in the playground so I’d go to the school nurse

At the school nurse there was always a paper you had to write on,

and on it was a column for what you had for breakfast

In that column
I wrote “yakisoba”

and the school nurse
“Eh You had yakisoba in the morning

they responded

After that too, when I’d go there

“The things you can eat in the morning are scary

they’d often say,

“What the heck is normal to eat in the morning(・・;)”

I thought about when I was an elementary school student (lol)

By the way, that school nurse transfered,

and at the transfer ceremony I read an essay

I only had scrapes, and the school nurse took care of me a lot, so I remember crying and not being able to read it well

I wonder if they’re doing well~

…or rather, I wonder if they remember me

While writing the blog, I remember things like that…

Now, today there’s another practice for “Ran”

I will work hard with cooled shabu-shabu and flounder power

Oricon report on DVD event

Oricon’s Web De-View site has become the latest to post a report on the recent “Keitai Kanojo”/”Black Angels” event, with a headline that reads “℃-ute Yajima & Suzuki DVD event. The slit in Yajima’s china dress caused fans’ hearts to pound“.

The article begins by focusing on the outfits the girls wore in their movies, and again to the events. At the event, Maimi shyly commented, “It’s a little embarassing to go out in it.” The article then mentions the action scenes that she performed in the notorious china dress, and Maimi recounted that it was her first experience doing action scenes bare-handed (as opposed to the swords she used in the play “Ran”) and that after practice her entire body ached. Maimi then, with a wry smile, told the story of how after performing an action scene she started feeling powerful, and had the staff point out that she was walking around looking tough. As for her role this time, Maimi said at the event that it was her first experience playing someone who was older than her (with the character of Reira being 7 years older than Maimi). Although she was considerly nervous about the challenge, she said that she ended up learning various things.

The article also contains a mention of ℃-ute’s upcoming single “Momoiro Sparkling”, and the comment from Maimi that the song is similar to those around the time of their debut.

Blog update: “Bagel♥”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/17 blog update, titled “Bagel“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Finally, the performance of “Ran” is 5 days away

I’m nervous…

Yesterday there was a full run-through,

and there were a lot of things I had to work on within myself

My co-stars give me various pieces of advice, so everyday I learn

Today is the full run-through in costumes… I want to improve on and challenge the points I reflected on yesterday

Recently, I’ve only eaten bread…, I’ve made my co-stars think that I completely love bread

There’s a bread shop in front of the station, and I always visit there before heading to the training hall

Then yesterday, my co-star Suzuki Yuka-san,

“I found a delicious bagel shop, and I bought four bagels there I’ll give you one

and she gave me a banana custard bagel

I was happy
It was really delicious

Thank you

Whenever I have practice, I always forget to take a picture

So to replace it today, an off-shot from an earlier photoshoot…

Well then, today I’ll go with a fighting spirit

When looking at the comments, there were a lot of comments supporting the play

Yes Yajima will do her best p(^-^)q

Thank you for the support

Blog update: “IN Nagoya”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/16 blog update, titled “IN Nagoya“:

It’s Maimi

Yesterday was the concert in Nagoya

The weather was also nice
Going by bullet-train I could clearly see Mt. Fuji

(1) What wonderful scenery~(´∇`)

I was in a really happy mood since the morning

At the concert too, I could firmly see the smiles of everyone who came

Everyone’s cheering and smiles are the source of my power

Ah And then, yesterday, for the first time in my life I ate something from Nagoya that I’ve always wanted to eat

“adzuki bean toast”

(2) Aaah… It was delicious(*´∇`*)

I love red bean jelly so much I can’t bear it

I ate a lot of delicious things in addition too…

My stomach also became full of happiness

For dinner I had gratin(*^^*)
and some potatoes from the staff(*^^*)
and some sweets from the staff’s wife…(*^^*)
There was a lot in addition…
I wonder if I ate a little too much

But but, it was outstanding stamina (lol)

Also, a shot with Nacky before the performance


Before the performance, we did our fighting yell and
“Alright Together let’s do our best

I had planned to say, but

“Together let’s do our blest…Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)

it became… I had too much fighting spirit

The next performance is in June
I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in Osaka

Well then, let’s tanobaru all day today

Maimi Sightings for 5/15

In an update titled “Finished~” on her solo blog, Nacky shared a two-shot with her leader Maimi after their concerts in Nagoya had ended (picture 1). In addition, the ℃-ute official Facebook page also shared a picture of Maimi from today (picture 2). And continuing from yesterday, Maimi appeared in an article on Girls News covering her and Airi’s “Keitai Kanojo”/”Black Angels” event (picture 3). The article has quite a few pictures of the two from the event, which you can see by visiting the link.

Blog update: “With Airi…♪”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/15 blog update, titled “With Airi…“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The weather yesterday was really nice

While heading towards the meeting place for the “Keitai Kanojo” and “Black Angels” release event,

I saw some elementary school students heading out to play little league baseball in their uniforms

I was on a little league baseball team

and it made me remember pedalling on my bike while following my brother’s bike to the grounds

When I see elementary school students heading to practice with their uniforms on

it makes me think “Ah That’s right It’s Saturday” a lot

Do your best Elementary school students

Then, changing the subject, yesterday’s event…

There were three events, and it was over in the blink of an eye

I seldom get to have events with Airi,

and the two of us were able to talk about various things, and Airi’s puns and strange movements were going strong

It was really fun

And then, a lot of people came to the venue for our sake,

and amongst those were people who came from really far away

Because I can still count the number of times I’ve experienced filming these kinds of movies,

I really began studying, and I feel it became a nice experience

Also to everyone who has watched the DVDs, but weren’t able to come
Thank you so very much

Then, here are yesterday’s pictures…

(1) With Airi

Taken in the outfits we both wore in the movies

Airi’s is a uniform
Mine is a china dress

The sweets we were given

Airi’s is green tea
Mine is a caramel frappucino… I fell in love at first sight

(3) It was too cute so I also uploaded it…
It was delicious
Thanks for the treat

Now, today is the Nagoya concert

Yesterday I went to bed after watching a concert recording… Everyone was so intense at the last song

Today will be a perfect explosion with everyone too

Maimi Sightings for 5/14

In her blog update today, titled “Tower Record“, Airi recounted the “Keitai Kanojo”/”Black Angels” release event with Maimi, and shared a two-shot of the girls in their movie outfits (picture 1). There were also several articles about the event in which Maimi made an appearance, the first being an article at (picture 2), and then an article at Cinema Today (picture 3). Lastly, a picture of Maimi in the role of Momokawa Momoko was included in a Yahoo Trend News article about “Piramekiino” (picture 4).

Blog update: “Sigh (*´∇`*)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/14 blog update, titled “Sigh (*´∇`*)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Here, the weather is really nice
The greenery is lush

Today, with Airi, is
the release event for the DVD movies
“Keitai Kanojo” and
“Black Angels”

Anticipation Anticipation

There were various things during the filming and actions scenes for “Black Angels”

It’d be nice if I was able to talk a lot …is how I feel

I’m also excited to hear the talk about Airi’s starring role in “Keitai Kanojo”

During the filming and after, we talked about various things, but there’s probably things I haven’t heard yet

Oh yeah

Yesterday, I met Nacky and Airi at the office~

It felt like it had been awhile, and I was relieved when I saw their faces

Though Airi was in the middle of a lesson so I couldn’t take a picture of her,

after her lesson Nacky turned towards the camera and struck this pose for me

(1) Hehehe

Her lesson ended, and despite her being able to go home, Nacky waited for me

She told me about the book she was reading(*´∇`*)

I wonder if Chisato and Mai are also doing well

Today, I can meet them so I’m looking forward to it

Well then,
I will go and tanobaru