Maimi Sightings for 5/31

Maimi appeared in another “Ran” co-star’s blog update today, this time in a post on Hirayama Misaki‘s official blog, where she thanked everyone for “Ran”‘s success and shared a three-shot of her, Maimi, and Kinjou Megu.

In addition, Maimi was featured in an update on the “Mu~Comi+” website, titled “Too gorgeous idol! Appearance of “℃-ute”‘s Yajima Maimi“, in connection with her appearance on the radio show earlier. The article notes that in 1 year, Maimi will have been an idol for half of her lifetime. When asked if it was a problem growing up in the world of show business, Maimi responded, “Though there are some strict aspects, it’s fun!”

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  1. Thanks to Ryu for the heads-up on the “Mu-Comi+” article in the Maimi thread.

    • and thanks for giving us the gist of the article! 😉

      wow, half her lifetime huh?! 😮
      she has truly grown up to be the perfect idol… in fact she even surpasses that, in that she’s a perfect human being!

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