Blog update: “Superman↑↑”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/31 blog update, titled “Superman“:

It’s Maimi

Today the weather is nice, huh~

It’s really good feeling weather

after work

I went and saw a play where Morizane Yuki-san, who I’m regularly indebted to, appears

called “Superman”

The thing is, Morizane-san,
she also came and saw the play I performed in, “Ran”

At that time
“Absolutely, I want you to come see mine too” she said to me

Morizane-san was sparkling

Fun was delivered, I was hooked, and even I was smiling(^-^)

“Superman” is
like a closet drama, and like a musical, an original play which I haven’t seen anything like until now

in the production too, the various devices they used were really interesting

Like in a usual musical, the actors stand on a huge stage, and they can freely act in this play

Things like the changes in those actors’ subtle facial expressions and bold movements, and distinctly using their voice, I was able to feel it closely

I feel like I was able to have a precious experience that I seldom get to have

After the performance I took a picture with Morizane-san

Because I’m not wearing any make-up, and because I was crying at the final performance of the play the day before, my eyes were puffy…

but I’m attaching it m(__)m

And then, I have one announcement to make today…

I will be a guest on the live broadcast of
Nippon Housou’s

It’s late, but please definitely listen

Well then, I will tanobaru this afternoon too

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  1. i honestly couldn’t tell maimi wasn’t wearing make-up… she’s as beautiful natural as she is with make-up! (^_^)~♥

    i hope maimi’s appearance will be shared at some point

  2. Surely you enjoyed watching “Superman” by yourself. How i wish i can come and watch it myself too. how to draw Superman

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