Blog update: “Refreshments”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/27 blog update, titled “Refreshments“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, it seems like the effectiveness of the teru-teru bouzu I made earlier wore off…

It looks like it’s going to rain today…

Speaking of which, it rained during an earlier photoshoot…

(1) A picture from that photoshoot

But up until yesterday it worked hard

Well, there are three more days left of the play taking place at the Zenshinza theater, “Ran”

Time is flying by
There’s four more performances of crying and laughing left

Each and every time, I portray “Ran” so as to have no regrets

Backstage at “Ran”, there’s a lot of refreshments

Because there’s a lot of cast members,
the amount that they give us is a lot,
though it runs out in the blink of an eye

There’s a lot of delicious looking things, so I eat a lot…

Look look
There’s also this kind of cute refreshment

(2) Bear-san

Furthermore, the caramel-looking treats were really delicious

Speaking of caramel, I made it in a middle school cooking experiment~

That time was the first time I learned of caramel, and I ate it,

and from that moment, I began to really love it

Though I say that, I don’t usually get a chance to eat it

A taste I haven’t had for awhile

Alright I have to move to work off all that I ate

Today I will go all out

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  1. a leader meeting… a great line-up, though i know who shines even in this company 😉 maimi is just stunning in that outfit!

    bear-san xD
    i wonder why the food disappeared so quickly… hmmm :/
    only maimi could burn off all those calories… she burns it off (and sweats it off)

    • Heh, it helps that she’s the tallest too. That’s also what first drew my eye to her when High-King’s “C\C” first came out. (Though I foolishly still wasn’t ready to accept the Kids…)

  2. it looked like a group of fangirls wanting to take a picture with Maimi.. xDD

    • Haha, like one of those pictures that shows up whenever one of the groups goes to an anime convention and take a picture with cosplayers.

    • lol who wouldn’t be a fangirl for maimi?!
      i’m surprised more celebs don’t rush to take photos an dget an autograph from maimi?! they’re mad and don’t know what they’re missing! xP

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