Blog update: “First appearance in awhile”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/26 blog update, titled “First appearance in awhile“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The new single released yesterday
“Momoiro Sparkling”

was number 4 on the daily charts

Everyone who bought the CD, thank you

If this song becomes the power of a lot of people, I’ll be happy

Today, I’ve attached a picture Nacky took of the monitor during the filming of the music video


And then today, for the first time in awhile
an appearance by my pet dog Cologne

(2) In a sleepy sleepy state

Yesterday when I arrived home,
she was sleeping on top of the sofa too cute

so instinctively
I said “Cologne” and dove to her (lol)

Then, her tail was wagging while she was in my arms…

she started to sleep again with a sigh, and that was also cute…

It was the best healing

This morning I dropped the cucumber from my salad

and without a moment’s delay, Aroma (Cologne’s daughter) lept out and ate it Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)

How quick… Aroma…

Alright Today I will also work hard at “Ran”

Last is a picture of Saki who came and saw the play earlier…

(3) The treats were delicious


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  1. I Want Maimi to Dove to me as well !! and be in her arms !!!!!! XD
    wouldnt mind sleeping as well xD

    jk jk

    airi went too…
    really wanna watch the new play l >__<

    • “jk jk”?! I want all those things to happen to me, no joke!

      • me too… that sounds like heaven to me!
        after a hard day’s work, nothing would make me happier than having maimi sleeping in my arms, wagging her tail (?)…

        ok that last bit may be a bit far out – what i meant was wagging her leg (as she did in piramekid in the scene where she was on the couch on her belly, happily eating a donut!)

        saki (captain) is always so considerate

  2. yea i know u guys want that…
    but it would be pretty gay if i wanted that .. XD

    • nothing wrong with wanting that, girl or boy! don’t fight your instincts! maimilove is irresistable! ;P

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