Blog update: “Momoiro Sparkling”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/25 blog update, titled “Momoiro Sparkling“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today is clear too, isn’t it
The teru-teru bouzu I made yesterday is working hard

You can do it

At last, today is the release day

of the new song “Momoiro Sparkling”

It’s ℃-ute 16th single

As might be expected from “sparkling”,
it’s a bright and fresh song with a bubbly feeling

The dance also is a really cute choreography

It’s a song that’s perfect for summer, so I hope people listen to it a lot this season

And then
Something I’m grateful for
until 6/2 they will be playing the music video on outdoor screens in Shibuya

I’m really really happy

They might even be playing right now

When you stop by Shibuya, definitely check it out

And then, and then
at CD stores nationwide (TSUTAYA, and other electronic stores)
and at karaoke places (SHIDAX)
you can see it on the store-front screens also
from 6/1~6/30

at JOYSOUND and UGA karaoke
the actual video clip is available

The time-frame is

Definitely, sing it a lot at karaoke too please

…and, in this way too, there’s a chance for everyone to see it

If as many people as possible think
“This song has a lot of spirit I want to listen to it a lot

I’m happy

Well then, today I’ve uploaded
a picture from the photoshoot for the cover
(1) and
a picture from the filming of the music video

Now, today is the fourth day of “Ran” Off I go with fighting spirit

Have a wonderful day today (^-^)

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  1. When Maimi talks about the actual video clip being available at karaoke, usually when you choose song it plays a generic video clip, as seen here:

    • surely it’d be too distracting to watch maimi and co on the karaoke screen to be singing!

      and congrats, number 4 for day one of momoiro sparkling! yay!

      ganbare maimi!

      • Haha, that’s definitely something to take in account when choosing which version you want to sing. Maybe they need to rethink this kind of promotion lol.

  2. i wish the Karaokes here offer the same video clip!! but nooo.. all we have are boring videos, or bikini shots of some random person.. hahaha.. xDD

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