Maimi’s practice appetite

Maimi returned to Hello! Project’s new weekly television series “HaroPuro! TIME” this past week, this time taking the camera with her to the practice for her currently-running play “Ran -2011 New version!!-“. After arriving at the training room, Maimi changed into her practice outfit, explaining that it’s easy to move around in during the sword battle rehearsals. Then, as the practice starts, Maimi hands the camera over to her manager.

Maimi is then shown going over her lines in her head before she goes through her first scene in front of the rest of the cast. In the scene shown, Maimi has to perform four roles by herself: a brat with a natural perm, a brat with a high voice, a heavy-set brat, and finally the role of Ran. While drinking some water during a break, she explained that as she uses a voice that she normally doesn’t use, it affects her throat. Maimi added that she thinks she needs to study how her co-stars use their voice, and then the clip jumps ahead to her intently watching her co-stars’ practice.

For the next part of Maimi’s segment, Maimi stepped outside for her lunch break and commented on how good the wind felt. She went to a nearby shop for lunch, where she started her meal by grilling some tongue and beef ribs. When asked by her manager how her first experience eating tongue is, Maimi said she wasn’t bothered by it at all. Maimi and her manager then talked about what the other girls were doing, with her manager revealing that they were currently in Odaiba (also filming for a HaroPuro! TIME segment which aired on the same episode). That caused Maimi to relate that she loves riding on roller coasters, but she hasn’t ridden on one in awhile. However, when the manager told her that they’d also be going to a haunted house, Maimi wasn’t as interested. After the meal, Maimi said that she was full and revealed that she had eaten 8 fatty tuna sushi, drank 2 glasses of oolong tea, and didn’t know how much meat she had eaten.

The last part of Maimi’s segment for the episode included footage of the practice for the 50 person sword battle from the play, and it was revealed that the practice that day had gone on for 7 hours.

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  1. i was pleasantly surprised when it was announced maimi would be on hello pro time again so soon, and wasn’t disappointed by the episode… it was maimilicious!
    thanks for the translate though, as it made it a better watch still. 😉
    she worked up quite an appetite for lunch!
    and she look so awesome even after some sweat-inducing practice!

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