Blog update: “♥Wonderful day♥”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/22 blog update, titled “Wonderful day“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

At last

From today until the 29th,

the play “Ran -2011 New version!!-”

is at Kichijouji’s Zenshinza theater

And thus, today is the opening day

Me… I’m uneasy and can’t calm down

This production created by
the script-writer and director Hata-san,
and then everyone in the large cast and staff,

finally the day has come when people can see it

With everyone, I want to make it a play that grabs ahold of the audience’s hearts…

And then, as “Ran”, I will stand on the stage with all my power

Alright I’m full of fighting spirit

And now, here is a picture I took yesterday…

(1) The only co-star younger than me

Hirayama Misaki-san

Our age difference is one year, and I’m able to talk a lot with her

Now, today the 22nd of May is…

Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan’s birthday

It’s a really special day

Chii’s also 19-years-old

The same age as me

Aaaaaalways with me since I was 10-years-old, Chii

The first person I ever talked to in Hello! Project was Chii

Since that time she’s always been an important presence in my life

And then, from here on she’ll continue to always be an important presence in my life

19-years-old too, best wishes Chii

(2) A picture taken last year with Chii

Also, speaking of birthdays
yesterday was
“Ran” co-stars Matsushita Osamu-san and
Fujisawa Taigo-san’s birthday

After the dress rehearsal (the final rehearsal) was the surprise cake appearance

This is that cake


Isn’t it surprising
It’s big size(^^)/

I wonder if it’s about 30×60

It was eaten up by everyone in the blink of an eye

Matsushita-san, Fujisawa-san,
happy birthday

I hope “Ran” will be a big success

I hope Chii has a wonderful birthday

I hope everyone has a happy day today…

Well then, off I go

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  1. weeeee… today is the big day for Maimi.. ^__^ ‘break a leg!!’ and kick some butt!! 😀

    ohhhh.. cool new banner B.G. .. EHHHHHHHH.. why didn’t you make one when it was Airi’s bday?? ¬ ¬ lol..

    • indeed a massive day for maimi! ganbatte maimi-chan!
      dial up your power meter to 910% and prepare to unleash your holy sword on those who oppose Ran! Fight! Fight! in this case, literally.

      such a big cake… and when you say eaten up quickly by everyone, are you sure you didn’t take more than your fair share, maimi-chan! but no matter… you will burn it off with the physically demanding Ran performances… “activate Sarafine!”

      and B.G. nice banner! looking great!
      and haha… some favouritism there on B.G.’s part… ¬_¬ xD

      • @ryu Yeah, the thought crossed my mind that maybe she ate the lion’s share of the cake and just tried to pretend like it was gone so quicky because everyone was eating it lol.

        And I had a feeling the banner would cause Yajisuzu to be brought up, haha. If it was bias, wouldn’t I have done one for Mano’s birthday?!! All kidding aside, I honestly didn’t get the idea until I saw that great “Naka-yoshi” photoset of Maimi and Chinami and tried to think of things to do with it. Otherwise I would’ve done it for Momoko, Airi, and Mano’s birthdays too. I think the next one I’ll probably do will be for Captain’s birthday, though that’s quite a ways off.

      • ^LOL! expect nothing less from me.. 😛 i will always bring up YajiSuzu whenever i see an opening.. hahaha..
        but you know… it doesn’t have to be Airi’s bday to put a YajiSuzu banner up there too.. :whistle: ♫♪♫♪ haha.. V(^ . ^)V

  2. @mm, hmmmmmm, actually I noticed while switching the banners the last couple days that you can now set it have a random banner displayed each time someone visits, so an idea like that isn’t out of the question.

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