Blog update: “Congratulations”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/21 blog update, titled “Congratulations“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It’s finally tomorrow

The play “Ran -2011 New version!!-”

At yesterday’s rehearsal

the moment that the music in the theater stopped playing,

and the audience seating and stage went completely black

my nervousness from the first performance last year came back

…I mean, all the plays up to now, my nervousness always peaks at that point

It feels like the feeling like your heart is floating when on a roller coaster

Today’s dress rehearsal is the final

Except for the point that there’s no audience, the rehearsal is everything that will be in the actual performance

so I’m already nervous

But but, since after the first showing had concluded, I always wanted to do another performance

so that won’t be any regrets left,
everything I’ve learned from the first practice for the first showing up until now, I want it all to come out

Alright I’ll do my best
With all my heart

The realization of another showing,
last year a lot of people came to the theater,

it’s thanks to all the people who supported us

Thank you very much

I’m happy if as many people as possible come see “Ran” this year

And then, here is some big news

I was also surprised

My senior
Yaguchi Mari-san, is getting married to Nakamura Masaya-san

Really really, congratulations

From here on too, I hope you’re aaaaaalways aaaaaalways happy

Hearing wonderful news in the morning is a HAPPY feeling

Everyone have a wonderful day too…

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  1. i know Maimi will be awesome again in that play.. ^__^

    WHAT?!! Marippe is getting married.. @.@ and OMG!! the height difference.. LMAO.. she’s 145 cm.. her husband to be is 192 cm..

    • Haha, in a nation full of men who are suitably short for her, she picks one of the tall ones.

      • LMAO!!! true!! her ex-bf (the one that caused a scandal) was quite tall too (184 cm).. @.@ i guess she really wants to end the ‘small’ gene in her.. LOL..

    • yajima-sama… fight! fight!
      put on a great performance as you always do!
      but most of all, enjoy yourself out there and let loose… unleash the maimipower!

      and congrats to marippe! that is a big height difference… i think you’re right, mmsuki… seems she wants to rid the small gene once and for all! xD

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